The Swing Of Things

The Swing Of Things

Is it just me or has it been particularly hard to get back into a normal routine. This holiday season has really knocked me off my feet, mentally and physically that is. Routine wise things have been running along smoothly but mentally I’m just exhausted and it doesn’t help that I’m still eating like we are at a holiday party (bad meg). So, what’s the first step? Admitting I have a problem, hi I’m meg and I’ve eaten left over Christmas cookies for breakfast all week. Okay now that I’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, I have to figure out a plan of attack. How I’m truly going to cut out my new bad habits.  What better way for me to do that then….I’ll give you one guess….YES! You guessed it a list, my fav!

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Shots: I’m a big fan of ACV, Sam and I normally take a shot every morning but lately its been a little more Presecco a little less ACV. Before we had Bodhi I would take one every day but what really messed me up was that I wasn’t allowed to keep up with it while pregnant. ACV is also a great way to curb your appetite and help keep you on track so, back to a shot of day it is.
  2. Waking Up Earlier: Certain tasks take me forever to accomplish in the morning. Either because I’m tried or one of the boys is awake. This makes it harder to cook myself a health breakfast, which in turn also makes it easier to justify that cookie. So hello 5 am you and I are best buds once again.
  3. Skipping The Coffee, WATER ONLY: I’m not used to two kids so in the beginning I needed all the help I could get. Now we are at a different point in this journey and I don’t really need it anymore. Mainly I just want it. I’m not saying coffee is bad I’m saying the coffee I order is bad. Trenta vanilla iced coffee, kind of  bad. I mean do you know how many pumps of sugar those babes have, TOO MANY. So water/ infused waters made at home are the only thing this mama will be drinking.
    •  Rosie Water: I’m going to dive deeper into this topic as the week goes one. I really love infused water. I’ve always been a fan of adding a little lemon or lime here or there. While everyone was juicing in high school I kept it good for the soul and great for the body with lots of fruit/herd/veggie/tonic infused waters. So get ready for that later this week. But for now, I’ll leave you with my favorite energizing recipe. Mix 1 cup rose-water (here’s a recipe I previously posted if you’re unsure of how to make rosewater) 1 cup cut up watermelon chunks, and 1 lemon sliced. Let sit for 3 hours. Once it has been long enough get a strainer and remove as much of the fruit as you can. Enjoy!
  4. Less Whining More Morning Work Outs: Okay so remember those days I’d get up really early work out and then post my sweaty selfies. I do and I miss them. Sadly I didn’t realize just how hard it would be to get back into the gym with two. To the mamas out there with two that go to the gym weekly, heck even monthly. YOU.ARE.MY.HERO!!!!! For now I’ll be admiring you guys while I do Pilates and yoga at home. If you are able to go out and work out like the awesome adult you are then I suggest my go to work out Barre3.( <–Click for a Barre3 studio near you!)
  5. Less Meats More Veggies: I know personally  I’ve eaten too many red meats this holiday season. When that happens I get all around slower. Which is why I usually stick to a pescetarian diet. But the holidays were to much of a temptation. Now it’s time to get back to it with a spicy little recipe sure to help keep me distracted!

– Bibimbap recipe 

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