Throw the Plan Out the Window!

    Since my son Gunnar was born of course I have noticed a change in my priorities but not in the way I expected. During my pregnancy I was very mindful to remind myself that Gunnar and my body weren’t the only things going through changes.IMG_1076 Before children I was not a very, “go with the flow” kind of person. Every thing pretty much was scheduled and planned out. If it wasn’t planned and I went with it; it was most likely because it was my idea.

   It only took the first few weeks of my pregnancy for me to realize that I wasn’t going to work. My “morning” sickness would occur between the hours of 2am to 5am every day. I could already tell that my little one was going to call the shots and I had no choice but to go alone with it. So, I did just that and never looked back.

   Between a career in fashion and being a working mom I like to think of every day as a new adventure. Up until September Gunnar was coming to work with me everyday but we had reached a point where it was no longer working for him. Again I found myself trying to adjust and . Not ready to give him up to daycare which is why we decided to get a babysitter. My mind was at ease and I felt all my worries slip away! She was Sam’s Aunt and she had watched Sam and his sister when they were little and it just seemed to work out great.

     Then we got to the year and 7 month marker and you would tell he was starting to get antsy and aggravated. One night during our weekly dinner my mom mentioned to me that it might be time for daycare. We talked a little about it and I agreed I would start to look for one. When I got home I cried like a baby. I didn’t want to give up my little IMG_1040dude for the day, something about it seemed different. I couldn’t just come home to him and I couldn’t dictate the daily lessons he would get  like I had done with the sitter. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was trying to plan again and things like planning just aren’t in the cards when it comes to raising a child.

   He has been at this day care for a month now and he loves it. At first the drop off part was difficult.. mainly it was hard for me but he had a few moments . Now he runs away from me and he has his own little group of friends. He makes the teachers read to him before nap time…they think it’s cute I think it is his way of stalling nap time but at least he is reading. It is amazing to see how much he has grown over the past year. It is even more amazing to see how much I have grown as well. My priorities and what I spend my time on has changed and it is all thanks to him!

The Little Dude


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