Hello Monday!!


Most of the time when you hear someone say the word, “Monday” its in a sentence like this, “Why, does it have to be Monday?” or “Oh no, tomorrow is Monday. Can we restart the weekend?!”  Somehow Mondays got a bad rap, which I don’t really understand.  If you think about it, it is the start of a brand new week. Shouldn’t that be something positive that we celebrate instead of dread?  New possibilities, new opportunities, new everything, that’s what Mondays are all about! Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a Monday or two where I just wanted to stay curled up in bed but I think with a new year ahead of us its time to shake off the dust and get a fresh perspective on Mondays. I like to start my Mondays and most morning but searching the internet for fun sites, new restaurants, fashion trends that are up in coming. That is how I spend most work mornings. So I’m going to bring all of you in on the fun, I’ll be posting a little list of fun sites I’m digging every week. They mostly have a light hearted, fun fact type of vibe to them. So get ready to start loving your Mondays!!

  1. A very doable list of ways to fall in love with your mornings.
  2. This delicious turmeric tea recipe that will help calm you for the week ahead.
  3. Proof that decor rules were made to be broken. We are currently reordering our bedroom so this one will be utilized A LOT!
  4. Some of the hottest restaurants our fine city of Philadelphia has to offer.
  5. A new toast recipe from one of my favorite sites, “What’s Cooking With Gaby?”
  6. So excited for “How to Murdered Your Life : A Memoir” by Cat Marnell, former editor of Lucky mag out this week! (of course I preordered it)
  7. Who does love a good fashion hack?! I’m loving this list of tip for being on trend but within budget!



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