Hello Monday…Ooops I mean Wednesday!

Hello Monday…Ooops I mean Wednesday!

Oops! I’m not going to lie I forgot what day it was. I took some time out this weekend and stepped away from the blog/social media. I really just needed some space to reflect and center my thoughts. Even though I love Happily In Style and all my website brings to my like sometimes stepping away even for just a weekend can be refreshing. As of Sunday night I was feeling well rested and ready to get back to it, a little time away was just want I needed. Only problem was since I took the weekend off I constantly keep thinking it is the weekend. (isn’t that just the worst!!) Plus I was so focused on sharing my new JORD campaign with everyone (Giveaway can be found here) that my regular blog schedule fell to the waist side. Even worse,  I got food poisoning yesterday which really threw me for a loop. So it wasn’t till this morning when I was finally feeling better that I realized I would be publishing my, “Hello Monday!” post on a Wednesday! So while it certainly isn’t Monday I’m still going to give a big HELLO to good ole’ Monday and the week! It may have been a rocky start but I’m ready for the week and the warmer spring weather!

I loved last Monday’s post so m much and from the numbers it seemed like everyone out there did as well. So I’m keeping with that trend and discussing a new trend I’m loving and seeing everywhere. The trend I’m discussing? Platform shoes, not just any platform shoe, the wooden platform Oxford. I’m a big fan of Oxford shoes and am constantly buying them for my husband. There’s something about seeing a man pair Oxford shoes with dark denim and a nice button that I just love. They can complete any men’s wear look and now you can find them in a platform version for women (#winning)

This new twist on a classic men’s piece embodies everything fun and flirty about spring and in my opinion they’re a “must-have” for anyones spring wardrobe. The question is can I pull these babies off? I desperately want to test a pair out but I’m nervous. You’ll just have to wait and see if I take the plunge into this trend or not! Until then check out a few of my favorite styles as inspiration for your own spring wardrobe! Happy Monday….I meannn, Wednesday, Happy Wednesday ?

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