Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Hello May! I’m so happy I get to finally say that. May holds a lot of meaning for us as a family. Sam and I love being outside and we love taking the boys along with us. Whether it’s hikes, fishing, or even just a nice picnic in the backyard, you name it, we like to do it. Even better we always take a family trip in May so it really starts off the spring/summer seasons right!  It also happens to be my birthday month. Yes, I’m one of those girls who celebrates her birthday all month. What with two kids and all the celebration may be different but it will still be tons of fun! Sam and I have so much planned for this month its hard to believe we are finally at the beginning of it all. From road trips to taco festivals, summer style guided and so much more. I’ve got a lot of fun new posts coming your way so don’t miss it! For now, well it is a Monday so in true Monday fashion  I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite spring looks.

Flirting with Spring

Spring Edge 

Floral Rock


Funky Fun


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