Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Monday after a holiday means only one, comfort. Let’s be real here we all over ate. I will admit I started out the day feeling good, had a Kombucha and two shots of apple cider vinegar and planned to withstand the temptation of the sweet stuff, but it didn’t last long. We were down the shore and had to head home to celebrate with all the families.  I loaded up our car got the boys in and we were off!

Only mistake was I had the baskets up front with me, so as you can image I indulged. By the time we got home I had gone through a bag of whoppers eggs. I won’t document the rest. So lets just move on and enjoy another happy Monday. To keep myself feeling comfortable on the rainy humid day I went with a casual version of a statement sleeve sweater shirt (you can find it here). Paired that with a new favorite of mine, cropped jeans with a flare.  I look itself is so comfortable and effortless that it’s really a no brainer when you are feeling the blahness that comes with over eating and indulging in sweets.

I went with a pair I recently purchase from Who What Wear for Target I kid you not I wash them every other day, thats how much I wear them. I’m even tempted to buy another pair so I had backups they are my new go to and I love them —->(you can find them here). The weather is so up and down during this time of year, I’ve always found it harder to work in jeans and tees. But I think I’ve finally found an answer to my problem.  I especially love these jeans for any mamas dealing with postpartum weight or that awkward new pregnancy weight (not quite ready for maternity pants). They have a little something extra going on. Fun and flirty but still easy to wear with anything. I’m still in between sizes myself and not where I want my body to be. So a sleek pair of black pants that flatter my roundness and short legs are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Below I’ve posted a few other brands and styles in this look!


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