Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

I feel like a kid in a candy store. It is officially spring and I’m loosing it with excitement! I just love this time of year. Winter really isn’t my gig out of all the seasons it’s my least favorite. Really I shouldn’t say that it’s not that it’s my least favorite it’s just really a time where you are forced to reevaluate and take stock of where last year went vs. where you want this year to go. It’s a symbol of letting go of the people and things that drag you down. Come spring time you are ready to say adios to the crazy-b’s and just be your most fabulous self. But again it takes lots of winter time work to get to the spring glory. And here we finally are!

Spring being my spirit animal and all, I think it’s time we talk about all things floral, fun, and fabulous! I’m dedicating this weeks links I love to all of that and so much more! Happy Monday everyone

  1. Sam and I love the great outdoors. He grew up camping and hiking with his family while mine stayed so far away from such activities that it made me more and more curious about them. So, the 11 PA places that are a must see this spring obviously peaks my interest!
  2. I’m a big fan of reading my horoscope I know it may all be fake up. Honestly, reading it can be therapeutic. Refinery29’s horoscopes are my FAV and basically my weekly vibe go-to!
  3. My obsession for spring? Pretty Plum Sugar, a lot of people know them for their beautiful floral  bridal and maternity robes which are amazing. But did you know they also have rompers and dresses as well. Here is two I’ve been eyeing up for spring!!  Romper. Spell-Mand Soren Romper. Alodie Rhymed In Prose-S
  4. With spring comes flower arrangements, peonies, the queen of the garden and my absolute favorite flower will be in bloom soon so I’m research this seasons floral trends/styles to get the low down!
  5. Now of course it’s Monday so some of you might be feeling blah. Here’s some positive thinking tools I use to keep that smile going!!!

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