Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

It’s another beautiful Monday and another reason to be happy!  I hope you are ready for a great start to the week. This week we don’t have much planned, which I find very exciting. Sam and I want to take the boys to the Please Touch museum this coming weekend but I’m keeping our schedule free and seeing where the week takes us!

Happy Monday Everyone! ❤️


  1. I’m obsessed with positive energy, now more so than ever so this little link about the 10 Signs You’re Meant to Be a Shaman is right up my alley this week.
  2. We’ll definitely be storing several of these banned books for Gunnar and Bodhi to read in a few years.
  3. Why it’s important to save our ocean. This message is a powerful one and the photos  well in my opinion they are both powerful and therapeutic.
  4. I’m craving dim sum at the moment, so I was very happy to stumble upon the 15 best Dim Sum places in Philadelphia!
  5. Incorporate chocolate into my work out routine?! YES PLEASE! This popsicle recipe will help get you protein while still satisfying your sweet tooth!!!
  6. I’ve been drawing a blank when it comes to nail art so NYC new nail art trends might be just want I need to snap me out of it!

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