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Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone! Against my better judgment as a mother of a toddler my year round “go-to” look is a white top and jeans. Of course a look like this doesn’t really take much thought. Grab your favorite pair of jeans and add a white top of your choosing, BOOM good to go! Even a head to toe white look will do. What can be difficult is finding quality pieces at a good price. Recently while search of a few new white pieces to add to my wardrobe I saw that there were a lot of retailers trying to sell t-shirts for 400 dollars. I’m not going to name any names because I understand the beauty of high-fashion and quality materials but the new mama of two in me just burst out laughing. Listen I’m all for a beautiful top but let’s save our money for that Gucci not a t-shirt.

Below I’ve put together some of my favorite white tops as well as my take on the look!

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