Hello August Baby!

a25e209617e500b21bbd10cc35edaf6cHoly Guacamole! It’s August, well a couple of days into August but either way I couldn’t be more excited. Here we are we’ve finally reached Bodhi’s birth month. It’s crazy to think that it’s already been 9 months. So much has happened in such a short amount of time I still don’t think I can fully wrap my head around it. We’ve traveled, gotten married bought a new home and now we are at the end of one adventure about to start on a new one. If you had talking to me this time last year, I would not be anything the words new baby to you at all. I think it was around this time last year I had just gotten back from my bachelorette trip so yea the thought of new babies wasn’t even dancing around in my head. I was busy too busy with the blog which was still in baby form itself and trying to lose all my baby weight before our wedding day! Which is really funny considering I was around 3 months pregnant at our wedding..Oops?!

When it comes to my life I’ve never really been a planner which if you don’t know by now, you’ve just been informed. Don’t get me wrong when it comes to my work life every day is planned and handled with care but when it comes to my life, love and personal goals I just like to go with the flow and see where the wind takes me. Which is really how the story of Bodhi came about. Now that I’m on the other end of it all it feels like so long ago. We were in the Caribbean celebrating Gunnar’s 2nd birthday having a great time, just loving life enjoying that special time with our family. And just like that I in the middle of the party I told myself I was ready. Out of no where and without any thought of the numbers I decided my mind and body were perfectly balanced and “ready” to have another. I told Sam my thoughts and he agreed, we figured it would take some time and nothing would probably happen until after the wedding anyway. With the amount of stress I was under with work and planning a wedding I was convinced we wouldn’t see any results until after out honeymoon. Well, I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself completely by even thinking that because less than a month later I found out we were expecting.

This time when I found out we were expecting, it was different. Just all around a completely different experience. With Gunnar it was an unexpected miracle. Not a lick of planning involved just one big amazing, joyous surprise and a lot of “Oh my lord can I do this?” moments! With Bodhi it was more like, “Oh my lord we did it!” The nervousness and anxiety came later once Gunnar started acting like a typical two-year-old. Trying to take care of him while trying to keep calm for our newest addition growing inside of me did prove a little challenging at times but we got through it. While we still don’t have it all figured out at least I know we are getting there. We may not have potty training down to a science and hitting sometimes occurs we’ve made strides. Not only do I think our little bean is prepared to be a big brother but I think we are ready to take on another little one and become parents to not one miracle but TWO. So heres to August and all she has to offer, Bodhi we cannot wait to officially meet you little lion!!!!!


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