Happy Bump Day!

Happy Bump Day!

Today is National Bump Day and the bump and I are feeling good. Baby is the size of a pumpkin and mama’s feet are the size of YAMS! While I wish I was kidding, sadly I’m not, but that’s okay. This  pregnancy has felt like a world wind and I can’t lie I feel really blessed about my experience as a whole. Which I know sounds crazy, I’ve always been the type of woman who though women were crazy when they called their pregnancies a blessing or a beautiful miracle. But this time around I’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy most of it. Sure I’ve had mood swings and crying fits all while dealing with the terrible twos but I mean that’s life. I’ve had some good times and some less than great moments but all in all this as been an amazing experience. I mean how can an experience not be when it brings me my sweet little one. So bring on the swollen feet and swore back I’ll take it!

Now that I’m getting so, so close to the end of it all I’ve found if a little difficult to get dressed in the morning. Mainly it’s my lack of options, throw in the fact that I have a two-year old dancing around me for attention and you can see what I’m talking about. But I still have my energy which has made me more determined than ever to figure this one out. I have 9 days left and I’m going to make the most of every moment.  I’m challenging myself to have a new look every day! So, lets see how I do!

Thankfully for the bump and I we’ve made it through the heat wave last week brought us and we are seeing better days. Last week was definitely a doozy when it came to bump fashion. I had little to NO inspiration or options for outfits. At the moment it feels like I’m grasping at straws its hard to keep things fresh when you’re working with limited choices when it comes to clothing that fits the bump. What I like to do when this happens is mix it up and look through my fall and spring classics for help. Today I went with all the neutrals, I paired black, white and even a little brown together. I added a denim flannel to my look that normally I would consider more of a fall option. I rolled up the sleeves, kept it unbuttoned and in my opinion took something totally out of season and made it work. Originally I had my hair down with a little curl but again it proved to be just a little to hot so I threw it back in a small bun at the base of my neck and went about my day!!! Cant wait to share tomorrows look with you!!



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