Happily In Style Does Snacktime!

Happily In Style Does Snacktime!

Oh wow hey there September, where did you come from? I must admit I enjoyed my month off. I dubbed August as the month of self love. If you hadn’t guessed I turned my month of self love into a vacation from writing. Even though I don’t think of what I do at Happily In Style as work, it is time consuming and sometimes a break is needed. So I took the month off from being on my A game and just experienced life. If you follow me on Instagram you know the month was good to me and I’ve had a great end to summer. Now it’s time to get back to it! And there’s no better way to get back into the swing of things then talking about FOOD! Gunny recently started Pre-K, did I celebrate being toddler free for a few hours YES! What kind of mama would I be if I didn’t. Did I cry after an hour of being without him, maybe, but that isn’t the point of this post. As a new mom to the school routine I’ve come to realize I’m really bad at coming up with creative snack and lunch options for this little banshee.

Snacks haven’t always been my “thing”. I know small meals including snacks throughout the day are good for you but my body feels sluggish throughout the day if I have more than three meals and maybe a snack. So I’ve always stayed away from things like mid-morning snacks and late afternoon pick me ups my whole life. I also am the little siblings so there was no one else around to get snack ideas from. So once G started school that mentality changed drastically. I went from a zero snack household to scrambling for ideas. Obviously Pinterest has lots of unrealistic options for a working mom. I couldn’t even tell you all the times I’ve tried and failed to put together ants on a log (he hated it) or Cheesy Chicken Quinoa Enchilada Meatloaf Muffins . Good luck with that one, I made mush, it was good mush but still…did not look like the picture.

Don’t get me wrong I strive for organic home cooked meals but its way easier to make those meatloaf concoctions when you have one or NO child running around. With two it’s nearly impossible so until I don’t have to keep a watchful eye on Bodhi, or my floor food eater as I’ve renamed him I’ll be sticking with healthy E A S Y options. Below I’ve added a few tips I’ve learned in the past two weeks of being a mom who has snacks. Feel free to share your tips for snacking health with little ones in the comment section so I can steal them.

  -Turkey Roll Ups-

The originally working mom lifesaver better known as Puree pouches. I’ve had a love hate with purée pouches ever since G was little. I love who easy they are to grab and go but I hate the sugar content among other things. I mean I can’t even count the several times purée pouches get recalled. But recently thanks to Amazon Fresh, I’ve found a new love for pouches. Once Upon A Farm is a brand that cares about the children they are feeding. When Once Upon A Farm says they make organic baby food they mean it, no preservatives, concentrates or processed puree. Everything is fresh and picked from farms that they partner with. It is cold pressure protected and refrigerated.  When I order from Once Upon A Farm they delivery right to my doorstep. All their products are delivered in refrigerated containers. Arriving from California to my home in Pennsylvania still cold! Even better their packaging is designed so I can see through the pouch to whats inside.
-Loaded Baked Potato Rounds-
This one is for any parent of a potato lover or a child who needs to gain weight. Gunnie is both, this child loves potatoes and he is also in the 30 percentile for weight. To give you a better idea he often wears his little brothers clothing and no one even bats an eye. It isn’t that he doesn’t eat he just runs, A LOT. Regardless of if G is inside or outside he is running he will do 3 laps around the house before you even know he’s missing. If we’re indoors I have to clear a path because all he wants to do is run back and forth from point A to point B. Which means we have to keep him loaded on protein and carbs so that we can avoid the wrath of hangry Gunnar. This one is a Pinterest recipe but it’s super easy and quickly becoming a favorite among all the Katz men. Loaded Baked Potato Rounds. These are a great snack to pack when I have to bring them to work with me. Instead of bacon sometimes I’ll add beans or diced chicken to into the mix to make it a little healthier.
As a bonus I’ve supplied a list of go-to treats I always keep stocked in my fridge!
-Happily Snacking List-
  1. Organic Strawberries –  Bodhi’s favorite for the texture and they soothe his gums when a new tooth comes in. I always stick with organic because strawberries are the dirtiest fruit. It’s hard to get all the pesticides off of them so sticking with organic on these guys is always the way to go.
  2. Red Grapes – I like to freeze grapes and turn them into a fun snack for G when it’s hot out.
  3. Guacamole & pretzels – This is one of the easiest after school snacks. Usually G is worn out after school and he can get cranky. This snack always gives him a little extra boost without filling him up too much before dinner.
  4. Babybel Cheese Wheels – I’m convinced these little gems were created by a mom. I don’t bring them out until we are in complete meltdown mode. We’ve all been there you’ve had a long day at work or at home. You and your children are on two completely different levels and your patience is at a zero. This is when the Babybel comes out. Trust me just try it. You’ll be amazed about how much food shaped like a circle comforts them.
  5. Apples & caramel – This one is seasonal, sometimes I’ll get strawberries and whipped cream or pretzels and melted chocolate. But I always make sure I have a reward snack. Something that I give them if they are acting like the little gentlemen I hope they’ll be while we’re out and about. Sam and I have realized you really do have to reward their good behavior. Even when it’s just sharing a toy with his little brother, if we reward G for all those little things that add up in the end. Or so we like to think.

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