Hand Me Downs

The other day while rummaging through some of my old clothing I stumbled upon a box of baby clothes. This box was different though, it was older and definitely not Gunnar’s. It was a box of my clothes, clothes I had carried with me from my youth. Most of the items in the box were from different trips we had taken. I’ve always been big on grabbing a tee here and their when I traveled and I’ve always had to do it. It started when my parents would travel and always bring me something home. So when I started to travel with them I felt the need to keep up the tradition.

I’m so grateful to have found theses pieces to pass down to my boys. Now my style as a child wasn’t very girl, especially when it came to picking out tees. I didn’t go for the pinks and purples, I was always a green and blue kinda girl. Which seems to be working out well now that I’ve become the mother of boys!  I love hand me downs they always tell a story. I can’t wait till my boys are old enough and able to wear a few of my things. Hand me downs are great for multiple reasons, to some the idea of reusing clothes from a previous child is considered a “no-no” but I don’t agree with that. There are so many benefits to hand me downs.

Recycling clothes:  Don’t get me wrong this fashion mama loves to be on trend and stick with the times but personally, I think it’s wasteful to get rid of clothing for new styles every time you have a new baby. When it comes to buying baby clothes I love to take my time and slowly purchase. I will take the full 9 months to make certain purchases. We always knew we wanted more, even though Gunnar was a happy accident once he was on his way we just knew we wanted more. So, I tried to be smart with my purchases. Try to stick to the neutral tones and colors, limit your special pieces because those you will definitely want to switch up every time you have a new baby on the way. Of course we all love to buy something new for babies may they be our first or our 4th. But really for an infant you are the world not that adorable outfit they are sporting for about 10 minutes or until they destroy it.

Budgeting: Hand me downs are a great way to lower expenses you’ll start to have once that new baby arrives. If you’re looking to budget this way but are only on your first child see if any friends or family are ready to get rid of a thing or two. Most of the time you will find someone out there is willing and ready to give up the items you’re looking for. That’s what we did when getting ready for Gunnar. Fresh on our own struggling to make everything work we had amazing friends with a few boys above the age of 5 at that point who obviously had no use for baby clothes anymore and let me tell you it really saved us.

Memories: I’m so excited for when Bodhi arrives for, of course, multiple reasons but I can’t wait to get to use the clothing we purchased for Gunnar’s again. There’s something about putting your second child in something your first wore. It brings back all those memories I’ve stored away of when he was an infant and I hadn’t a clue what I was doing or if I was even doing it right. As a second time mama I know that will really be a joy to remember where we were and see how far we’ve come.



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