Half Way There!

We’ve reached 5 months or better known as THE HALFWAY MARK! Super exciting, right? Well, for me at least it’s very excited. I can’t wait to meet our newest little addition and finally get to see that little face of his. So much has changed and so much weight has been gained in just a few short months. ? Either way it’s all good and Mama and baby are doing great! I’m finally back to working five days a week and it feels fantastic. I’m not one to sit around so being back to work and feeling like my old self has truly been a blessing! But with such a busy schedule it can be hard to remember to take care of myself. With a little one growing inside of my I don’t really have the option to just put my health on the back burner. I have to stop and remind myself to do things. Like taking vitamins and drinking enough water. Thankfully I have a few baby apps on my side to give me a little cyber tap on the shoulder and remind me to drink that extra glass of water and not forget my vitamins.

I’m so excited for all the spring and summer have to offer and can’t wait for the weather to pick up so I can take Gunnie outside. Come summer he and I love to walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. So both of us are itching for another 80 degree day soon.  Today started off a little rainy so I went with something comfortable and simple. Lately I’ve been having problems with my normal choice in footwear so I’ve had to switch it up to sneakers and sandals. Hence all the sneakers you’ve been seeing my sport lately.


Pregnancy So Far….

  • I can no longer see my feet. Of course if I lean over the bump I can but if I’m standing straight up, no feet to be found.
  • Not going to lie some days I’m feeling that exhaustion return but then other days are amazing so I really can’t complain.
  • Starting to have MAJOR food cravings. I thought my hankering were real before but oh boy was I wrong. Yesterday I made the most deliciously healthy meal. My usually brussel sprouts and a little mozzarella chicken were not cutting it. Normally I would’ve been all over it but as soon as I finished cooking I was wanting a juice bacon cheese burger like no other.

Not So Delightful Pregnancy Moments…

  • Besides certain dresses I really can’t squeeze myself into my non-maternity buys anymore. I’ve had to get a lot of use out of my credit lately. Thankfully Gap has had a lot of sales lately which has majorly helped lighten the load on my card.
  • Still super emotional. I honestly thought my hormones would have balanced out by now but I’m finding my reactions more dramatic than ever. (A special thank you to my extremely patient husband for taking it all like a champ. Mommy and baby admire your strength!)
  • Being pregnant while still trying to be patient with my two-year-old. No one really expresses how difficult it can be to have one while there’s another one on the way. While I know it is totally worth it I still feel bad like I’m not giving Gunnie the attention he deserves. ( Something to work on!)

The Delightful Side of Pregnancy Thus Far…

  • While I can’t fit into my regular clothes anymore I am seriously loving this baby bump. At the moment I feel so beautiful and cannot wait for summer so I can take some of my tighter pieces for a spin.
  • Through this pregnancy I have learned I need to focus on working out different parts of my body. Before Gunnar and right after his birth I couldn’t have been less concerned with working out or health in general. Thankfully this time around I’m much more conscientious of it all. I’ve started working on my arms and legs and I’m bring in more yoga into my work out routine.
  • While I don’t want to jinx it I must say my hair has looked fantastic lately! Those baby hormones are doing me well at least in the hair department. I mean of course it helps that I got a fresh-cut but I’m hoping this volume never goes away!
  • I’m back to working out 4 times a week and it feels great! I can keep up on my elliptical and various weight lifting machines again. It’s so amazing to have that excitement to work out again

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