Gotta Keep Going!

Gotta Keep Going!

Happy Tuesday! Although the weather in our area isn’t what I’d call the greatest for a pregnant woman, this mama is feeling good and moving along nicely! This week I started out struggling, hence no look of the day yesterday. It was a combination of a few things, I spent the majority of the day cleaning and doing more laundry plus I just wasn’t feeling it. I needed that comfortable sweat pant day. We’ve all been there when they call to you and on a day off like yesterday I wasn’t about to resist. But today I’m back at it.

So, like I said the weather this week has been HOT which means we have the air conditioner cranked up high at work. Which means I’ve had to bring in some transitional pieces to keep me cool outside and while staying warm indoors as well. That made it possible for me to rock another fall piece.(yay) You’ll see I’m wearing a black shift dress, thank you Gap Body (non-maternity and technically sleep wear?)  with a light sweater wrap from Free People. I choose this one specifically for that little extra pop of color and of course it’s also more opened and airy around my arms so that definitely was a plus. When it comes to shoes well, I’m wearing one of the few pairs that still fits. A pair of animal print sandals from Jcrew. I went with these again for comfort but also to add a little more detail to the look. The most important thing about my look is that it is super comfortable because at this point that’s all that matters. For hair I slicked half of it back and straightened the rest. I like to mix up my look when i go more casual and comfortable. So I went a little heavier on the make up and hair.

Staying comfortable is key for us mamas to be near the end. I’ve tried to push myself into different outfits and ended up regretting it. Last week I tried to squeeze myself into a different pair of heels and after about 5 minutes my feet went from the size of yams to watermelons.  Don’t believe me? I have the photos to prove it but I’ll spare you!


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