Golden Beets

Golden Beets

Yesterday my sister-in-law, boss and I went to Coterie, an international meeting place for brands and retailers to mingle and potentially work with one another. It was a great show the fall is probably the best time for a Coterie show between weather and style. This was their first time so I was excited to have some new people to bring along for the ride! We got the train in the morning and were there by 10am on the dot.

Like every show it was an exhausting one, there are so many designers and style to see it can always get a little overwhelming. 2 hours can end up feeling like 10 hours depending on how many lines you see. Thankfully the day was a success we found some amazing new lines I snuck by my idol blogger Cupcakes & Cashmere’s booth and we even got home on the 5:01 train which in my opinion is code for WINNING! Then when I woke up the next morning I could feel it. Yes, the day had been a success but I had accidentally brought a souvenir home. The common cold. I could feel it starting my head hurt I was sneezing and my eyes felt puffy.

Before meeting my fiancé I would pop a few Advil cold and sinus and be on my merry way but that was no longer the case. He has drilled into my head how bad medications like that one is for your liver,IMG_3302 and your heart, and your soul etc. So, of course now I am paranoid. Don’t get me wrong when a cold is bad I sneak them but this wasn’t one of those dead of winter colds. I had the sniffles so I brought in my favorite immune system boosters the beets!

So at first I was a little confused on the concept of cooking beets. All you really have to do it boil them…But I am a baker originally so something that simple became intimidating. I know that’s silly to say but sometimes the easiest things aren’t always easy to wrap around our heads. Now I am a beet veteran. I cook them all the time and try to put them in everything! Through some research I also found out that they are great for reducing birth defects. No, I am not pregnant but we have hopes to add another little dude or little lady to the tribe soon so in the coming months I will be adding a few foods into my diet that my be beneficial later on. ? Today’s salad is my favorite so far! Mixed greens, Tahini, BEETS and of course some feta made my lunch extra enjoyable today.


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