Go For The Glow

Go For The Glow

Bodhi is currently napping, it’s Friday and I’m so grateful for these few minutes to myself to get ready. After what seems like a very long week it’s nice to spend a little time taking care of myself and my skin. As the leaves start to change I start to make a few changes of my own. I reorganize my bathroom and start to put away those summer time essentials and exchange those for products that give my skin a little more little moisture. Once we get to those cooler months my skin gets a little dry and I feel like I loose that dewy fresh look that comes with a summer of hydration! Over time I’ve found a few favorite products meant for those dull skin moments! Today I’m sharing my casual cold weather hair and makeup style. The great news? It’s super easy, the makeup part takes all of 5 minutes, the rest is pretty simple too but it can take a little longer depending on the texture of your hair.

For My Hair: I like to go with a half up, half down look and usually a mini top knot is involved!

  • Shampoo only and rinse.
  • Brush with wide toothed comb and give yourself a middle part.
  • Blow dry your hair with a round brush. (For a little extra shine add in a serum. I use Kristin Ess’s Working Serum)
  • Take the middle section of your hair and tie it up in what I like to call a “meant to be messy” top knot/bun and bam.Y A, D O N E

Makeup/Skin care: I’m going to go a little more in-depth with my skin care/makeup because you guys are constantly emailing me with questions about my skin. I plan on writing a more detailed post about all the different products I use year round. For now I’ll give you details on my fall skin products which I think are my personal FAVS!

  • I wash my face.  I like to start with a face wash or toner. I’m very protective of my skin and I don’t just use any product because it’s a fad or everyone swears by it. We all have different skin what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. With the weather changing our bodies and skin can start to feel the effects of that change even before our brains start to notice somethings up! So to combat the weather change that’s mildly approaching I like to up my skin and beauty game. I start to bring in products that have multiple uses. I recently received a complementary bottle of Phyto-Active Cream Cleasner by Glo Skin Beauty. This is one of those products that has multiple benefits for my skin and I love it. I’ve never need a big fan of face wash as my skin is super sensitive but this product has changed my view on washing my face. It gently exfoliates and rinsing away impurities while preparing my skin to effectively receive peptides and plant stem cells which are in each bottle. It cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling  so smooth and soft. I normally get redness and rashing on my cheeks if I wash my face too much ( aka every day) but with this face wash I’ve only see it improve my skin leaving it looking radiant.
  • Once your skin is clean add some skin tint/tinted moisturizer. Take a brush or beauty blender if you have sensitive skin and add your tinted moisturizer. I like to apply it like I would when putting lotion on my face. I personally use Aveda Tinted Moisturizer or Glossier Skin Tint. I love both of them but I will say the Glossier gives me a dewy fresh face and since I still have a little summer tan happening today I’m going with Glossier!
  • Mascara. I use lancomé, always have always will. Apply two coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes.
  • Grab your eyebrow brush and get working on those eyebrows. So I absolutely adorn my Boy Brow brush by Glossier. It thickens, fills in, and tames my eyebrows and even better it’s all of these things in one! Check out Boy Brow for yourself!
  • If you don’t have a Boy Brow this would be the time where you fill them in with pencil as you desire.
  • Lip scrub. I use Sarah Happ’s sugar lip scrub and I love it! It isn’t too harsh on your lips and actually tastes good unlike other lip scrubs I’ve tried. If you’ve every used a lip scrub you know sometimes you accidentally end up eating a little so taste counts! ?
  • Lipstick. For the more of a natural look, I went for a matte lipstick from Glo Skin Beauty in the ‘pillow talk’ color. This was another gift from them and a great one at that! Not only do they have so many amazing shades to choose from but they also hydrate and soften your lips while you wear them.

Follow my steps and your skin/hair will officially be cold weather ready! Now all you have to do is throw on some jeans, your chunkiest sweater, a pair of booties and go grab a pumpkin spices latte because mama you are sweater weather ready. And on that note Bodhi is up from his afternoon nap so it’s time for us to get back to #momlife.


Happy Fall Friday Y’all!


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