Gimme That Mocktail!!!

Gimme That Mocktail!!!


I’d like to start by showing a lovely depiction of how todays events have shaped my face as well as my soul.

Oh Friday, I had such high hopes for you! I started my Friday Morning off right, I was making a Quiche, then eating the Quiche. Everything was going great, I had a work meeting and then we could go back to enjoying our day. Of course Gunnar didn’t want anything to do with that. After an hour I finally got him dressed and we were on our way.

Instead of a relaxing car ride filled with the sounds of the radio I was hearing the glorious melody of a toddler screaming. I decided maybe we should stop for smoothies first to add a little distraction into the mix. I figured while we were there we could stop by the farmers market since we had time and it was in the same area. Of course finally by the time we reach our smoothie destination he had fallen asleep. I let him rest for a good 45 minutes while I put my make up on and made a few quick work calls and then we made our way to the farmers market. I had a list of things I needed to grab for tonight’s dinner so I tried to be as smart with my time as possible. But I’m still a newby to the terrible twos and parenting in general so I didn’t think ahead about my route. I forgot one key factor with the way we were going…we would be passing the bakery. This bakery doesn’t just have delicious homemade confections it also has store-bought candy. Like Minions chocolate bars and cars filled with candy, all this my two year would recall from some of his favorite T.V. shows and this idiot lead the cranky child right to that section.

Lets just say it ended in a tantrum a very long agonizing tantrum sprawled out on the floor people looking at me as I just laughed awkwardly kinda tantrum. My meeting went a little something like that too, thankfully I work with amazing people and we have amazing reps who mostly have children and have been where I was today many times. When we finally got home the screaming didn’t stop…Im honestly surprised our neighbors haven’t knocked on our door yet to make sure everything is okay. He hasn’t stopped screaming since, besides a few moments of hiding in the laundry room I can’t say I’ve lost it yet though I really want to. So what does one do after a day like today you may be wondering. If I weren’t pregnant I’d say lots and lots of TEQUILA! I’d be calling up one of our lovely grandma’s and talking them into a sleep over. Then I’d be going our for cocktails, but with pregnancy that just ain’t happening so I’ll be indulging in some mocktails pretending they have tequila in them.

I have a few recipes I’ve saved for a special day like this one. Oh what a special day it was!

French Mocktini (My twist on my personal fav the french martini)

  • Fresh Grapefruit juice (Use one whole grapefruit, organic if you can find it)
  • Pineapple slices (As many as your taste buds desire)
  • Sparkling Water
  • Rosemary leaves
  • 1 Lemon juice (Organic if you can find it)
  • 4 whole raspberries (garnish)




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