Just a Mama and Her Wildlings

Just a Mama and Her Wildlings

Alright, so its been a tough week. If you haven’t been following Primrose & Clovers on Instagram, (click here to follow) Sam is away in Colorado for a week. So with two little boys by my side and a whole lotta work in front of me, I’ve been just barely getting by. Now at first I was feeling really down about how I was doing by myself. I thought, “Oh, this will be a piece of cake! I can handle this.”, and then by the morning of day three, I was going on two hours of sleep and crying in my walk in hoping they wouldn’t find me. Yea I have no problem admitting that. On top of it all I was hit with a bad case of writers block. I hate not posting weekly. It is always my intent to at least give one weekend update and I had the content but I just couldn’t click the button to publish.  I focus so much on being a positive outlet for you guys that when I wasn’t feeling my usual inner sparkle I just couldn’t get myself to focus. But then I thought about it. How authentic would I be if I only wrote about the positive vibes, and happy thoughts. I mean those things are all well and good but that’s not all my life entails.

Unfortunately not every day is easy. Not every car ride to school is filled with giggles and songs. Some days they scream and other days I’m the one screaming (on the inside). I’m sure the same goes for most of you out there. Well, for me this was one of those weeks/weekends, so far. I say that because I still have three more days to go. So until my husband is home and I can finally run upstairs lock the door and take a nap, I have to snap out of it. I can’t let it get me down, especially for Gunnar. Feeling stressed in times of stress is healthy but I don’t want him to feel my stress, I don’t want it to get him down. He already misses his Sam so much that I don’t want to make it worse. That’s why it’s so important for me to at least try and shake it off and get happy!

Below I’ve put a few of my favorite ways to destress and just get happy!

  1. Deep breaths/Mediate – I personally like to go in my bathroom, lock the door turn on the shower (for the steam) roll out the yoga mat and mediate. Take a nice deep breath in visualize that you are breathing in positive energy and on your exhale image the negative vibes just leaving your body. Beginners tip: if you feel a little silly (don’t worry I did to) trying lighting candles and dimming the lights. This well get your body in a mode of relaxation and peace.
  2. Up your water – Water is my spirit everything, I love it. The more water I drink in a day the better my body and mind feel.
  3. Arts and crafts with the kids – if you stress revolves around cleaning your home don’t do this one. Arts and crafts + kids = MESS.  Art is a therapeutic way to destress so if you’re not worried about household chores grab the paints and paper and make a family art project!
  4. Unfollow that negative person you’ve been meaning to unfollow – we all have that person in our lives. That person that just has a bad aura or sucks the happiness out of you. They just make you feel drained. They may not necessarily be a bad person but your energies just DONT seem to mix.  I always find it helpful to unfollow, defriending can make me feel bad or like I’m being dramatic but if I simply unfollow, it’s out of site out of mind. We all strive to be kind to everyone and live a happy life but sometimes someone just rubs you the wrong way so give yourself peace of mind and just do it. Plus side of this is, if they are apart of your social circle, and you have to see them in person from time to time, you won’t be bother by it as much.
  5. Give away old clothing or furniture for free – It feels so good to just give back expecting nothing in return. We all have a few pieces we never wear that just sit there so why not give back a little
  6. Write a gratitude list –  I haven’t completed mine yet but check back for that!
  7. Wear the Outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion – We all have that outfit one we love that we save for a special day. Well why not make today special just because. Today I’m rocking my favorite save the bees tee from Jcrew. Every year they make a new one so I try not to wear it too offend knowing I can’t get another. But since I’m trying to shake of a mood, I thought why not?!
  8. Color! – I used to think adult coloring books were stupid ( sorry friends) but recently I was gifted an adult coloring book with a twist. It doubles as a cook book so you know this cooking fanatic is having the time of her life!
  9. Reorganize – Pick a space, maybe it’s an area that you’ve meant to get to or your favorite space in your home. For me it’s my closest. Theres something so soothing about reorganizing my closet. I love to look at each piece as I put it away and try some things on here and there. If something like your closet seems to much to take on at the moment try your kitchen or living room a smaller space with less.
  10. Work it mama!! – I love a good work out. Maybe it’s Zumba or Barre 3 either way sweating out my stress and frustrations is always helpful.
  11. Do a happy dance – To be honest sometimes I’ll just put on a few of my favorite songs and just dance. As I’m moving I can feel all the negativity leaving my body. It’s therapeutic trust me!


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