G is for Gunnar, B is for….

When I was pregnant with Gunnar I was so confused with which direction to go in when it came to baby names. I felt so much pressure at first because really the first child in my opinion sets the tone for his or hers siblings names. I wanted something simple but different. And if it was unique enough that he didn’t have any classmates with his name then that was cool too! My name is Meghan I was born in the 80s it wasn’t a top 10 name of anything but it was still high up there. I had like 3 girls in my class with the same name. So I had to constantly deal with the multiple test paper switch ups and group assignment mess ups. This is something I’d prefer to avoid for all of my children.

When it came to baby number two I most definitely started searching for baby names well before I even found out we were pregnant. Honestlyicm_fullxfull.80316764_mnpj05jffq8kwkc4koc8, I probably started searching before we even decided to have another. Sam was the one who found Gunnar’s name and we both fell in love with it. So we decided that we would start a little tradition. This time he picked the first name and I would pick the middle name, next time I would be picking the first name. So as you can imagine the pressures on because now it’s MY time! I really wanted to find something meaningful to me. But I also wanted to listen to the baby. I’m a strong believer in names and their meanings. There’s so much power in your own name it’s yours and it gives you confidence. Your name can set a precedent for who you are. Originally I was playing with names like Murphy or Otto for Gunnar but of course a had a few people give opinions and ultimately ended up still being undecided. The second Sam said the name Gunnar that was it, I was sold. My parents not so much but Sam and I, yea it was a done deal! Gunnar was a kicker people told me I was crazy but I could feel moving and bouncing right away. So a name like Gunnar was perfect. ?

That leads me to my favorite baby name website NameBerry. Before Sam found Gunnar’s name I search every naming app or website I could find and I constantly felt like they fell short of what I expected. Then I found Nameberry and I’ve never looked back!! I have used this site for both pregnancies so far and both times I found more than enough names to choose from. It’s the ultimate user-friendly website. It’s so organized with the meaning, origins and percentages of popularity. They also have a section that tells what celebrities even took a liking to each name and what other moms used for middle names. It’s very thorough and clear. Not only are they in-depth with each name but they have so many lists to look through. From winter inspired names to plant inspired names you can pretty much find any type of list you can think of on Nameberry.

It’s really important to always remember that when it comes to baby names as long as you love it that’s all the matters. If people don’t like it well eventually they will and if not then oh well no one asked! If you are dealing with family members who aren’t big fans well just wait it out politely. You don’t want to completely shut down their opinions they are family but at the same time this is your baby. So just be polite and wait it out. By the delivery day no one will be saving anything! At first no one on my side of the family liked the name Gunnar. They envisioned something so different from what Sam and I had in mind. In the end they all love him and his name now, they call him Gunnie Bear and say that there is no better name for him. So at the end of the day it truly is your choice and if you have a feeling about a name just go with it you’ll know it’s right when you find it!

When looking for our second boys name I wasn’t striving for something weird and unusual. I wanted something with meaning and I knew I would find it the second I said it out loud. If I heard the name James and it moved me I would go with it or even something like Indigo or Jagger, it was all up in the air. But the way this little boy came into our lives so casually, so calmly well those name just didn’t seem to fit. I’d been searching and searching with no luck. Then one night sitting on my bed with a bowl of B - 8x10ice cream freshly new to the news I was pregnant I found it. I found the name I’d been searching for. It just felt right, like this was the name to match our newest little adventurer.

That name start with a B that name was Bodhi! Then I read the meaning “Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana, being freed from hate, greed and ego. The Bodhi tree is a large fig tree under which the founder of Buddhism received enlightenment”. That was it all I needed to hear. I fell in love hard for this one so hard that honestly no one was going to be able to change my mind. Not my mom, my husband my best friends or my work friends would be able to change my mind. Whether they liked it or not that was the name Thankfully they all pretty much LOVED it as much as me!



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