Friday Style: Low-key and Comfy

Friday Style: Low-key and Comfy

Yes, yes I am pregnant. No, I know it’s hard to tell, is it fat or is it a bump? I’ve been asking myself the same thing lately. I know it’s a bump but it’s a mini bump. My scale keeps telling me I haven’t gained a pound but my jeans are singing a completely different tune! Not only that but I can see the confusion is some of our regular customers faces. I get the curious look, them eyeing me up wondering whats going on. I know that look because I’ve been there. We all know that feeling when you see someone who you know but don’t see that often. They look like they’ve gained a few pounds but only in that one area. You don’t want to be rude and say something if it’s just a little weight gain. I mean we all fluctuate especially during the winter time when all you want to do is curl up watch some Netflix and veg. But at the same time if they are you want to congratulate them and tell them how excited you are for them. So you end up just sitting there in this constant state of awkwardness trying your hardest to look anywhere but their stomach.

With a job like mine I can’t really have an elephant in the room like that. I’m grateful for the customers being so polite and not just assuming but it also creates an awkward vibe. So instead of focusing on connecting with them and helping them find the perfect meaning for gift they end up just staring. So I’ve decided until this mini bump is fully formed I’m going to keep him or her hidden. Now don’t get it twisted I love the mini bump. I am super excited to embrace the bump. Only when my little adventurer is finally ready of course. It just makes it easier for many reasons.

Which leads to today’s wonderful outfit choice. The weather is just getting cold so IMG_5142until I can get my hands on some thick sweater knit stockings I’ll be staying away from the flowy dresses and living in leggings. To keep the mini bump warm I went with a high waist pair of leggings from Gap Body and paired that with a cable knit sweater from Free People. Weather you’re pregnant or not you can never go wrong with a cable knit, especially if like me you live in the Northeast!! My sweater is cream and the leggings are black so I really could have gone anywhere with my accessories.

This is my favorite part I love pairing neutral colors together so I can really explore my options with the accessories! Should I go bold with a red lip or pop with a chunky loud statement piece? Gunnar has had me up from 2 to 5 am every morning this week so I’m really feeling a more low-key and comfy vibe especially since I can’t really see straight and I’m pregnant so the occasional moment where I turn to Ms.Coffee ain’t happening. So comfy and snug it is! I went with a blue and green blanket scarf from Bourbon and Boots to keep me bundled and warm. I decided to throw in a pair of textured trouser socks in green to complement one another. Topped it off with my favorite short booties and I must say it has worked. I feel a little more at ease when I’m conversing with customers. Plus the mini bump and I are quiet comfortable. Mission accomplished!!!


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