Falling Into Place

Falling Into Place

Today is a special day for me, it’s my “first” day out since giving birth. I put that in quotes because really it isn’t. I’ve made trips to the grocery store at 2AM and snuck out for a quick coffee in the early hours of the morning while everyone slept. But usually I was stuck in sweats, a top knot and of course a shirt that was either covered in spit up or questionable stains that could have either been poop or maybe chocolate, at that point it was all up in the air. But today is the first day I was able to get dressed in something other than SWEATS and so far it has been fantastic. Yaya! I’m feeling good and ready to get the day going.

The heat wave we were experiencing last week has finally moved on. When I opened the door today I was met by a beautiful breeze and sunny skies. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was about that. Of course I’m taking full advantage of the breeze we were gifted today. As everyone knows, fall is my season, I love it and everything about it. My one comfort during the end of my pregnancy was that I would be recovering during the fall months! (Winning!) Knowing this I basically spent my entire last trimester weeding through sale after sale on my favorite online retailers websites looking for the best deals on all the fall goods. Yes, I did spend an entire season getting ready for a completely different season you read that right. But can you blame me?! I mean I was the size of a house and dreaming of my postpartum body.

Which meant that I was completely ready for today. I went for a cream knit cardigan I snagged on sale from our store. It’s light airy and breathable, perfect for this beautiful weather. I’ve been dying to wear this one. So much so that it might look familiar to you. Mainly because you’ve seen me wear it before, even though it felt like 100 degrees outside, I did. A week or so ago, I couldn’t help myself, I cranked up the AC at work and pretended we were in the middle of a beautiful fall day. A fall cardigan is essential to any fall wardrobe but if you get one with the right fabric it can be a great “all seasons” piece. I choose to style this into a beachier look with a striped blue drapy romper from Gap, recently purchases on sale for 20 bucks at their store. If you haven’t hit up their sale going on right now, you should. I just grabbed 3 pairs of jeans for 5 bucks…Yes 5 DOLLARS. So when you’re finished reading this get over there and check it out. You can still get this specific piece for yourself on their website or of course in stores depending.

I was feeling a more light and natural vibe for today’s look so I went light on makeup. I towel dried my hair and was on my way! I’m working on finding a new more natural beauty routine for the future. Bodhi is still so new and all he does is sleep but soon that won’t be the case. I’ll have to switch it up and find a routine that I can apply in 5 minutes and go. Today I’m testing a new concealer and mascara from Lancôme. I have a few other products I’ll be working with through out the coming weeks besides these two. Check back for more on that!! ?

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