Enticing the Two Year Old!

Enticing the Two Year Old!

We are just a couple of months into Gunnar’s second year of life and things are starting to change. Sometimes he dubs himself a big boy other times..mostly when he is in trouble he reverts back to my little baby boy. I decided it was time to start the transition into toddler/almost big boy life. We have introduced a potty but are not yet sitting on it and we will be taking the one side wall of his crib down so that he can start to feel a little more freedom with his own bedtime.

This mornIMG_2730ing I decided it was time for another baby step in the right direction. We let Gunnar sit by himself with a big boy cup and plate which we would slightly monitor.  I knew there would be a mess but one way or another there is always a mess of some sort so why not. I thought that it might be a little less messy if he filled his plate with some of his favorites. Next with the big boy cup, now this was only filled a little just a test to get him used to the idea of it.

At first everything seemed to go great, he was excited about the cup and very happy sitting with his plate next to him. I put some Thomas on and he started to relax eating from his plate like it was no big deal. I stood there excited and shocked at how well he was transitioning. No throwing, no spills everything was going smoothly. I decided tIMG_4966o take a moment and see how the rest of breakfast was going and see him Sam needed any help.

Gone for only 10 minutes at most when I returned I learned a few things. Next meal we will break out the high chair and let him get used to eating a big boy plate but with little
to no movement. Also when starting out it might not be the best idea to use a plate with your child’s favorite cartoon characIMG_5549ter on it. He or she is going to want to take all the food off the plate and look at it. All in all it was a great experience a couple good laughs and one very proud mama later I happy to say we are still working on it! As our little one grows so do we so its important to always remember with a little positive reenforcement and some patience your little one will eventually get the hang of whatever it is your next milestone is!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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