Early To The Party!

Welp, baby number 2 has popped! As soon as I found out we were pregnant I started to do some research. I wanted to know if things would be different this time or would they go as smoothly as last time. Sure enough I found out that most women pop quicker with their second bundle! As soon as I heard that I opened up a new tab and started with the online shopping!

I went to some of the websites I used to shop at when I was pregnant with Gunnar but it was different this time. I couldn’t spend crazy amounts of money on clothing like I used to. So I kept on with the search I wasn’t finding anything great so I decided to jump on Instagram and start following some maternity sites with every follow I would get three new site that would pop up as suggestions! Finally through some trial and error I found Pink Blush Maternity. I fell in love right away and of course put a million things in my cart. But then I stopped myself I had to make sure the quality matches the adorableness of the clothing. The best part about this line is that they have a maternity line AND a regular clothing so after preggos I can still keep up with the affordable cuteness!!!

My favorite thing to do when I discovered a new brand is to go on YouTube and type the name in the search bar. You can find thousands of reviews on different brands and usually they are wearing some of the product so you really get an idea for how it will look! I found a couple great reviews and decided to order. I figured by the time we go back from our honeymoon they would be waiting on my door step and sure enough they were! And there’s no better day then a day like today to test them out. I bought a couple of pieces that I will be testing out over time but I started with the jeans.

Today here in good old Pennsylvania its snow HARD. So I am going to attempt to help Sam shovel while Gunnar takes his nap! I threw on my pair of Pink Blush Maternity jeans and was veIMG_4884ry happy. Which means a lot because I love myself some denim add that and a fresh white top and of course the accessories and I am usually good to go! So finding this little gem was so great. They are amazing, unlike any other maternity jean I’ve ever purchases. The belly band on this beauties is better then any of the ones on my Hudson maternity jeans! Its thick and looks sure security, usually when after some wear the belly band on most of my jeans get holes in them so “fingers crossed* that these will last!

Any of you out there that are in the Northeast with me right now I hope you are enjoying you snow day and staying safe and warm inside! For those of you enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather I hope you always enjoy you day! Happy weekend everyone!!!!


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