Days and Nights

Days and Nights

It’s been two-week since our little one arrived and what a whirlwind its been. Sam and I can’t stop staring at him, we are just in awe of him. Staring at him while he sleeps and swooning over every silly little face he makes has become the norm for us here in the Katz house. But there is one thing we could do without, his sleep pattern. Bodhi has his days and nights mixed up. We hadn’t really had a problem until recently. Throughout the weekend he was sleeping fine and it was mostly because visitors were constantly coming over to see him. This had helped to keep him up and alert for most of the day with of course 3 naps spread out through the day.

Monday was a different story. It was Gunnar’s first day back and school after the weekend so we got up early and got ready while Sam and Bodhi stayed fast asleep. By the time I got home it was 12ish and they were still sleeping soundly. At first I contemplated if I should wake up them up or just let it go. I had so much to do in the way of laundry and house work that I decided it’d be a good idea to let them sleep. Oh boy was I wrong. By the time I had a moment to look at the clock it was already 5 and they had literally slept all day. Yes, I’m the idiot who let the newborn sleep all day. I couldn’t believe the time had gone by so quickly. I quickly came to the reality that it was going to be a long night and my poor babe was going to be a fussy one. Sure enough I was right and we were up till 4 am from feeding to burping and the cranky tantrums in between I knew starting Tuesday morning I had to fix it and fix it fast!

Set up a routine.

So I even though it would make it easier to have Sam stay with the babe while I dropped Gunnar off I decided it was better to bring Bodhi with us. Eventually that will be our routine so it seemed like it would be better to start now than wait. We start off by Mommy waking up around 5:30-6am(yay) and getting ready. After that I go straight for Bodhi. After all he does take more time than Gunnar so at this point its better to get him started early. If it helps write it down as you go. That way each day you can critic whats important to keep in the routine and what you can do without. For example make sure you leave time for feeding and burping the babe as well as making sure you and/or your other children are properly feed. While breakfast isn’t my favorite I know it is the most important meal of the day. This is the last item on the list you want to rush through. In order to make more time for feeding both the boys and myself  I’ve started preparing my outfits the night before. It has really been a life saver.

Practice makes perfect, or at least close to it! 

 I’m not even a week into my maternity leave but we are already practicing this routine. At first I just did a test run on the routine in general. Ignored the time on the clock and just made sure to get down a structure of how each morning would/could go. After I feel confident enough with the routine (maybe by Friday), that’s when I’ll start checking the time. Really at this point, I just want to make sure I had all my bases covered.

Get ready for him or her to revert back. 

It happens every time, you’ll get baby into a nice routine. They sleep through the night, you celebrate and then it happens. They revert back to sleeping all day and up all night. It’s hard to avoid it but if you can good for you. Neither of my babies were sticking to their sleep schedule right away. And that’s okay, as they grow their needs change it’s a good thing it means they are growing and developing so don’t sweat it if every couple of months you have to tweak their sleep schedules just a bit.

Feed them as much as possible before bed. 

Feed them, feed them well!! The more of a meal your baby gets before bed the better. Obviously don’t force it but you want to make sure one of their bigger meals come right before bed.

Learn what works best for them.

It’s hard but observing and trying new ways of sleeping can help. It’s a time-consuming task one that can require you and baby to stay up all night but it’s worth it! With Gunnar I think I stayed up every night for a week straight just testing out different beds. Of course at that point I would nap when he napped and take in as much sleep as possible. But once it was bedtime I was up with him just trying to figure out what worked for him. We even went through several different baby swings before we found one that worked right for Gunnie. By the end of it we were working with a Mamaroo that had a magical way of getting him to sleep. Thankfully Bodhi has taken to the Mamaroo as well so we won’t have to be making any new big purchases.


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