Throw On and Go!

Throw On and Go!

It can be hard near the end of a pregnancy to find clothing that fits. Your stuck at a cross-road. Do you buy new clothing or should you just wait it out? Personally I’ve decided to wait it out. I just don’t find it even remotely appealing to buy one more piece of maternity clothing. I’m ready to get this baby out and get on with the healing process. Not only that but with basically a week left its impractical. I’m sure I have a few mamas out there that have been in the same place. You don’t want to spend the money but you also don’t want to look as frumpy as you feel.

Sometimes the best way to give yourself more options is to take your closet apart and start fresh. So once again for the 4th time this pregnancy I’m reorganizing my closet and making room for more realistic options. I started by switching up what is front and center in my closet. Go to your closet open the door/doors and check out where your eyes first take you. That’s what I would consider front and center. For everyone this is different, some look in the middle of the closet other to the left or right. It’s different for everything so check it out and see where your eyes gravitate towards first. I started to the right side of my closet, and boy was everything a mess. Mind you we did just move in and I’m working with a very short time limit while still working full-time before this baby comes so I’ve been a little less than perfect with my organizing!

I looked through everything I had and separated the lighter and more opened waist options. I put those right in front so I can literally grab one throw it on and go. Next I added as many light and airy cardigans and sweaters as I could find. Make sure to keep a few cardigans close by for yourself. Between your every changing figure and body temp it’s nice to have them as a little accessory no matter what season your in. I don’t know about you ladies but I literally fit in NONE of my sneakers or espadrilles at the moment. My feet are so large and in charge I’m basically down to one or two pairs of shoes. I even found it hard to get curtain flip flops on. If they are too strappy put them away for a later date. Open back shoes and flip flops are going to be your new best friend. Next I separated out everything that I felt would be great for my postpartum body. This was my favorite step I love to get ready for my body after baby. You have to treat it like a new experience, getting to know a new you. I know it’s a more difficult time but try to think of it as a journey or an adventure.

Getting to know a different version of yourself. In the beginning of course I’ll be rocking the sweat pants and tees but once I’m back to work I’ll need easy options to throw on as well. It is important to remember your body might not be where you thought it would be postpartum. Some people lose all their baby weight right away others don’t lose a pound. It’s really a guessing game until that baby comes out so don’t put those maternity items away just yet. This will also be the time where all your throw on and go fashion will really come in handy. Ready to wear items will take on a whole new meaning once you’re a mom. For me I know it isn’t going to be easy. Getting Gunnar and Bodhi ready at the same time will present its challenges especially while I’m recovering. On top of it all I only plan on taking two weeks off to heal. After my two weeks is up mama and baby will be heading back to work together so setting up a routine right away will be my number one priority and I’ll need easy pieces then too.

Today’s throw on piece is one of my favs and one I knew would be perfect for near the end of my pregnancy. It’s really a non-maternity item but it’s so flowly and regularly very long on me so I knew it would work. It’s a Free People front knot dress, in a very flattering summer berry color. I threw on my favorite love grey cardigan from Gap that I’m sure you’ve all seen me where on many occasions and one of the few pairs of shoes I can still fit in right now. I just got them from Target and fell in love they are Dolce Vita sandals and they are amazing. For my hair I used an Aveda serum to get a sleek straight look. Not only does Dry Remedy by Aveda nourish my hair but if I put enough in it gives me that straight look I’m going for. I decided to leave jewelry out of today and went light on my make up for a more simple look. Mission Accomplished!





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