Date Night Success!

Date Night Success!

Oh parenthood, there are so many joys you can experience when you’re in the thick of parenting. But there are also some moments that the hubs and I could do without. The lack of date nights being a BIG one. We’ve come to realize that date nights and alone time, just the two of us are extremely crucial and also extremely difficult to get. While I love every moment of motherhood, it’s important for us to spend time together. I can understand how easy it is to lose yourself in your role as a parent and to forget about one another. While having a child can bring you closer as a couple, it can also challenge your bond and up a strain on your relationship at times.

As we all know once you have kids life doesn’t revolve around just you or your partner anymore. A lot of time is spent planning lunches and doctors visits, things like soccer practice and art lessons can seem to unintentionally take top priority. And this attention is quite different from the attention or needs in your relationship with your spouse/partner. When you are a parent, you can’t be lazy. You have to be on the top of your game and cater to your little one all day. Before becoming a parent I would boast about how great I was at the “girlfriend” role. I would make Sam lunches for work, he would come home to a full meal for dinner. I’d handle all of his laundry and clean our living space. I was great, and then we had kids. Now I look back on those moments and laugh, not because I don’t think I could get back to that point, but because why would I? I love my husband but dating and marriage are two very different things, at least for us. Marriage and children had made us learn that communication is more important than anything else. So when one of us says “I need alone time with you”, the other makes it happen. 

My best advice for myself and other parents out there struggling to make it work, get a babysitter and make it happen. Yes, you’re tired, honey we are all tired. But, I promise, it is worth it. As a couple, those one-on-one moments are needed, they help keep your bond strong. They are a reminder that there is a reason you two decided to raise these little demons, oops, I mean angels, together! ? Maybe going out will give you the opportunity to have a serious discuss that you can’t have with little kids screaming in the background. Or you just need time together to relax. Have a cocktail or two. Share a laugh and take advantage of this time you have together.

Last week Sam and I had the opportunity to get out of the house. We went to Beaucycled’s DIY Beers and Large Planters Succulent Workshop. It was $20 a ticket, which for any new parent is an amazing price for a fantastic fun night out! And since it was at Frankford Hall we may have had a drink or two. This is actually our second Succulent DIY night and I have to say they’ve become a favorite of ours. The atmosphere is always fun and the food even better. Meredith and her Beaucycled team are so sweet and so much fun to work with. The Succulent DIY workshop even gave some really great tips on how to take care of your succulent/plants and keep them looking lush! It felt so great to get out and just enjoy a night without running after a three year old or having to listen to the sweet tunes of Moana in the background has we quickly shoveled food in our mouths. Sam’s sister was more than happy to watch the bubs and even encouraged us to stay out and enjoy ourselves. We did just that and were so happy with our decision.

All and all, parents’ night out was a success. We were grateful for the alone time and the chance to focus our attention on each other. What a great way to set the tone for an amazing rest of the week.

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