Date Night On A Budget

Date Night On A Budget

So the other morning I thought it would be fun if we made chicken Florentine together. I’ve never made something like this before so I thought it would be fun also I was craving HARD! So in the morning before I left for work I suggested he get the ingredients and when I got home we would make it together. Well, when I got home I was met by a few groceries, none of which where the chicken Florentine that I had suggested. My lovely husband had completely yes’d me to death that morning and didn’t actually hear a word I had said. This is a common occurrence Sam has very selective hearing sometimes. He is an amazing listener but if it’s the morning or any sport is playing when you are asking a question you pretty much have a fifty-fifty shot of him actually hearing you.  So I couldn’t be too mad at him because well I’ve known this about my loving husband since the first time we crossed paths! I was more so annoyed that I wasn’t getting the meal I’d been craving all day.

Instead I found in front of me pre-made pizza crust and some different ingredients. I quickly asked what all of this for with a little attitude attached to the question. With an excited look on his face he said, “We’re making our own pizzas!!” I just looked at him and said, “oh” He quickly realized that wasn’t the correct answer and asked me what was wrong. I then explained to him that he hadn’t heard me this morning when I had suggested a different meal. We both looked at each other and just started laughing. I mean what was I going to do, be mad at him for the rest of the night over food? Nope, not in this family so I quickly got over it and we start along with pizza date night!

Having children can make it difficult to get in that much-needed Mommy and Daddy time. For us that ever so rare time together has seemed impossible lately! Not only is it hard to find time but now Sam and I are saying for a big purchases. We are hoping to soon buy our first home so with the added expense on its way we are trying to get creative with “indoor” date nights. I come from a family that regularly went out 3 to 4 times a week, while Sam’s mom is an amazing cook and great at turning a night in into a fun and festive way to make memories that Sam and his sister still reminisce on to this day. So I’m still learning how to make things fun thankfully Sam is there to help me when it comes to finding fun ways to liven things up!

In-door Date Night Ideas

  • Date night cook off! Sam and I are fans of this one we like to get something like to pick on thing to cook and see who can do it better. It’s a fun way to get a little friendly competition going while still enjoying one on one time.
  • Movie Marathons, pick a series or film genre that both of you like and get to cuddling. Of course don’t forget the popcorn and candy!
  • Painting night: Go to your local art supple store and grab a few blank canvases then head over to the nearest wine and spirits store and pick up some of that too. Decide a theme to paint and see how it all turns out. Sam and I did this once, he was way better at it then I was. While his actually resembled but we were painting mine ended up black because I mixed to many colors.?

We used pre-made pizza dough/crust and sauce for tonight’s meal, normally we would try to go as natural as possible but after a long day at work this mama ain’t making pizza dough and tomato sauce from scratch. Not happening! Pregnancy and work were too much for me so I wasn’t about to tackle that beast. Even with pre-made ingredients Sam still managed to find me the healthiest IMG_9897ingredient he could get his hands on. I made one Margarita pie while he decided to try two different pizzas. One was a BBQ Hawaiian pie while the other was a simple pepperoni but instead of the pepperoni being on top the sly fox put them underneath the cheese. Personally I found this to be a geniuIMG_0534s idea but hey I’m his wife, everything he does is amazing in my eyes.

Once the baby was in bed and all the pizzas were baking I finally got to sit down and relax. Which was something I really needed. Shopping around for a home isn’t all fun and games. Actually it’s extremely stressful so I was certainly ready for some pizza and board games! It felt great up to ignore all my worries and be in the moment with Sam. Below you can find out results! Personally I thought mine was the best ?






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