Cozy & Confident

Recently I fell in love, as a true Taurus, I fell for a cardigan from Anthropologie. These days I’m mostly sticking with comfort when planing my wardrobe. Things like stilettos and high-waisted jeans are not my go-to’s for now. It’s not that I wouldn’t wear such items but I’m grasping to get a routine down with two little ones, a full-time jobs, and all while trying to get my extra baby weight off. So workout clothes and casual essentials are my religion for the time being.

Which leads me back to my new love. When I found this sweater at the Rittenhouse Anthro I jumped for joy, yes I literally jumped for joy. Go ahead imagine it, it was an awkward side hop, and I’d do it all over again. When it comes to knits this mama is addicted. They can really pull an outfit together especially when it’s jeans and a tee. Even better it’s a tad billowy and are you ready for this…take a seat…okay, I’m going to say it, POCKETS! Yes, this baby has pockets!! I’ve already travel tested this cozy beauty and it has passed with flying colors. Today I decided to go a little more casual (surprise, surprise) with a pair of ripped jeans and a mock neck from Velvet. To complete the look I threw on a few gold bangles to keep this look feeling fun while we crawl around with Blue. I believe this look proves that you can look like a chic, put together mama and still feel comfortable.

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