Changing My Mindset

Changing My Mindset

So I just kinda stopped working out. For about a good month (end of February early March) I just wasn’t motivated. I would say, “I should go, I need to do this now, really I have to do this”, and then I just wouldn’t do anything. I was starting to realize my mindset wasn’t right. Since my bump has started growing I’ve found it hard to get motivated. I felt defeated because even though I was working out, my belly kept getting bigger and bigger. Then I realized something, it doesn’t matter how big my belly gets that was supposed to get bigger. What really matters is keeping my arms, legs and everything else moving so they don’t get bigger alone with it! I just had to change my perspective on the situation and the motivation would follow.

I’m one of those people who jumps on the scale everyday. I know people say it’s bad to do that but for me seeing where I’m at in the morning helps me. I get a better idea of where I need to go fitness wise for the rest of the day. But with pregnancy I feel it’s best if I just retire the scale for a while and ignore the numbers. This is a time where no matter what I do the scales going to keep getting higher and higher. Don’t get me wrong I know that’s a good thing which is why I’ve chosen to ignore the scale so I can truly appreciate this journey I’m on.

I’ve also decided to focus more on my arms since I can’t focus on my belly. I’ll admit I never really was on to focus on my arms before. I’m not a fan of weights but no better time than now. I’m using this pregnancy as my time to tone my arms and legs, two things I really don’t put must effort into but should. By no means am I a fitness guru so with the help of trusty Pinterest I’ve come up with a plan!

If you too are either trying to find a new work out routine while big bumpin or maybe not pregnant and just want to switch up your routine scoot yourself over to my PiIMG_6353nterest and check out what I’ve come up with. The link can be found to the right on my page or click here!


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