5 Ways to Rock That Button Up

5 Ways to Rock That Button Up

Button-ups are always a great option but until recently I didn’t really know what to do with them besides just throwing one on. The thing I particularly love about a button up is that you can rock it multiple ways. I always see women wearing them multiple ways and they always look classic AF. You could even own just one and you’d be good to go. While I do own several button-up tops, I never felt like I could pull them off until now.

My 5 ways to rock it:

All the way up to the neck and tucked in: Button it all the way up, but this time, tuck it in. I always think this gives a bit more of a preppy vibe. I personally like this look for the office, but, it could be worn whenever and wherever! (Image Link)

All the way up tucked in + necklace: Again button it all the way up, tuck it into a skirt of high waist jean. Add a little sparkle by pairing it with a chucky necklace or big earrings! You’ll feel super girly and confident all day long. (Image Link)

Unbuttoned (a bit) + tucked in: unbutton the top 3 buttons. Feeling sexy? You can go for a deeper V. I happen to think that women with smaller chests can rock this. If you are larger in this area , it can often turn from classy to trashy. My best advice for busty girls is to pair a lacey tank underneath. You’ll still be sexy while feeling less trashy and more classy! Overall, I think it’s best to keep this look super clean. Simple. Tuck the shirt into a pant, jean, or skirt. I’d even opt for no earrings and stick with a dainty necklace. (Image Link)


Unbuttoned: Keep the shirt open, completely. If you are wearing jeans or high waisted short skirt, wear a basic tank underneath. You can choose whether to keep it out  or tuck it in. I prefer a longer necklace with this look. (Image Link)

The Cheat: So this is has always been one of my favorite ways to rock a “button-up”. It’s really a cheat because it isn’t actually a button up. It’s a plaid henley and you literally just throw one on with a pair of jeans a go. (Image Link)


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