Bump Life Update: Only 6 More Months To Go!

It feels like its gone by so quickly but Bodhi and I are almost at our 4 month marker and knee-deep in our second trimester. As we get closer to summer and my due date I’m starting to get super excited about redoing the boy’s room and get the ball rolling on spring clean. Thankfully the weather is starting to cooperate a little better so I can possibly open the windows and get a little fresh air circulating in the house. With this nice crisp weather I felt it was the right time to at least start adding some lighter fresher fabrics and shades into my closet.

This morning I woke up and just felt myself gravitating towards something with a little more stretch to it. Today was Gunnar’s first day back to school after a week-long struggle with a few ailments so I knew I was going to be chasing him all over the house with shoes, socks and of course the dreaded coat. All while he screams, “No school, no school!” So the bump and I would have to be ready to put FullSizeRender-2up a fight

I went with a fresh white tee from Destination Maternity. I love this tee! I’m not going to lie I may have purchased it in ever color they had. Don’t judge it’s amazing. The fit is perfect, it’s snug around the bump while not being too tight up near the chest. A constant problem I’ve had while maternity shopping. The cardigan I went with was another new piece I just picked up from Gap Maternity. It’s a great piece and I’m happy I added it to my collection. Once those chilly spring/early summer nights start coming around I’ll easily be able to rock this baby with a pair of ripped denim shorts and some gladiator flats! (My go-to look for a summer of pregnancy)

Pregnancy So Far….

  • Right from the start I’ve learned the truly every pregnancy is different.
  • Bodhi is giving me completely different cravings then when I was pregnant with Gunnar.
  • The stress is a lot harder to avoid with the second pregnancy.
  • My body adjusted a lot quicker this time.

Not so Delightful Pregnancy Moments…

  • It has become significantly harder to work out ( Bodhi is NOT a fan)
  • Cravings are strong with this one. It has become difficult to resist the urge for Jalapeño Poppers among other things. ?
  • Even though I’m getting the right amount of sleep I still find myself waking up to heavy dark circles.
  • My memory is taking a big time out!

The Delightful Side of Pregnancy Thus Far…

  •  The glow! It has been so nice to see the return of that oh so lovely pregnancy glow.
  • Since Bodhi isn’t a fan of cardio I’ve turned to prenatal yoga for a switch up in my routine. Not only has it helped me will like I’m still getting a work out in but it has really helped my stress level.
  • We’ve gotten a lot more creative in the kitchen! With my cravings being so whacky we have upped our culinary game!
  • Being pregnant with one while still having a toddler running around has really helped me grow. Personal Growth is very important in life. The boys are really teaching Sam and I both a few new lessons!
  • Sam and I have grown closer than I could’ve imagined. We became so close with out first I thought that was as good as it got but I was so wrong. This second pregnancy has been an adjustment. Even though Bodhi was planned we are still learning new things every day. When we argue it has purpose. We no longer fight against something but for something, for our family.

So there you have it 4 months of pregnancy fun! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this adventure brings our way!

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