Bump Life Update: 9 months!

Bump Life Update: 9 months!

Here we are, the promise land as I like to call it. I literally looked at the calendar today while doing the schedule for work and realize how close we actually are. It’s been hard to imagine that soon I will be the mother of two. With Gunnar everything was so precious and new and we took care and time into everything we did for him. But with our little Bodhi its been a different experience. Unlike last time I’m literally working until the very last day if not after. I mean at this point I’ll be fine if I work until my water breaks. I’m determined to keep going as long as I can! No excuses, including child-birth. ?

Today I’ll admit I’m feeling a little extra tired. Last night this baby was definitely voicing how ready he is to come out. Sadly after lots of false alarm moments no changes! So I’m one tried mama today!  We have another check up today so we shall see what happens! Seeing as how it’s Friday and Bodhi didn’t let me get much sleep last night I kept it causal and make up free today. A pair of chucks and a nice light simple dress, throw on a little summer time sweater and I was good to go!

Pregnancy So Far….

  • Okay here we are the home stretch and I’m really done with pregnancy. Heck part of me is even done talking about it. I’m really looking forward to recovery and getting back on me feet.
  • I’ve gotten a burst of energy, something my grandma told me only happens once you are almost ready to deliver! So we shall see if she’s right.
  • It finally all feels real, the nursery is coming together we are stocking up on diapers and wipes and getting all our meal prep in so we once Bodhi arrives we can just get used to it all!

Not so Delightful Pregnancy Moments…

  • My feet, my feet are not so delightful at the moment. They literally look like yams I can’t even get into some of my espadrilles at this point.
  • Every time I eat Bodhi gets hick ups….so basically my uterus is constantly beeping….#truestory
  • I’ve reached that end of pregnancy stage where your face gets shall we say, fuller. Now it doesn’t happen to all women but I knew eventually it would happen to me. Last time it happened right away thankfully this time pregnancy spared me and waited till my last days.
  • I have no patience for anyone but my two-year-old and maybe his father. Sorry society but the rest of you might want to stay away until this baby is delivered.
  • Part of me is sad to see this bump go. I know I’m ready but I know I’ll definitely miss this little beach ball under my shirt. I like to treat every pregnancy like it’s my last so I can savor every moment. This pregnancy is no different. Of course we want to have more but still you never know what curve balls life is going to throw at you. So I’m grateful and thankful for every swollen part of my body right now even if it is annoying.

The Delightful Side of Pregnancy Thus Far…

  • Bodhi just started kicking, up until recently he would just move around a lot and make what looked like waves in my stomach. But as of yesterday he has really been giving his legs a work out!
  • The fact that I’m able to still work is delightful in itself. I know for some that might not be a delightful thing but for me it is. I had such a hard time with our first that I couldn’t work for 3 months before delivery. I am not the stay at home so for me this was torture. I couldn’t even go out because I was always scared I’d start having back spasms, which were so painful I couldn’t even control myself from screaming or vomiting. So yeah to be able to say I only have 10 days left before my due date and I’m still working really makes me super proud of myself.
  • While yes I’m grateful for my pregnancy and a part of me is sad for it to be over I’m still happy to wave buh byeeee! While I cherish every moment I cannot wait to meet our little one and hold him in my arms for the first of many times.
  • Okay so this one has nothing to do with my body or the pregnancy. But now that we are close enough to my due date I FINALLY get to buy all the cool baby stuff I’ve eyed up all these months. His room is ready and looking adorable. My vision is coming together and soon there will be a little person in that room and I just can’t wait.

So if you’ve followed along the whole time there ya have it, 9 months of pregnancy. Its been a wonderful, crazy, fantastic journey. Thank you so much for going through it with me. Now that the third trimester is almost over I can’t wait to see what the fourth trimester aka postpartum will bring!!!

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