Budgeting Tips and Tricks: Holiday Decor

Budgeting Tips and Tricks: Holiday Decor

I know that word, budget, isn’t very exciting but alas most of us are on one. There are many reasons some of us budget, maybe you just bought a new house or your saving for a dream vacation or like me you’ve had a new baby. Either way budgeting is key but it also isn’t easy. Sometimes budgeting can be extremely difficult. Knowing what to purchase and what to walk away from. Even harder is when your trying to style a new home, new space or say even for the holidays and do it all on a budget. You may feel like style will have to take a back seat to the price but don’t worry I have some tips to help you get through the holidays without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: First set your budget and be realistic with yourself. If you’re the type that goes to Target for a couple of items and ends up leaving with over 50 then ball park it. Take what you want to spend and what you should be spending and meet in the MIDDLE. Not closer to what you want to spend or less than because you’re really trying. Stick with the middle because I find that more times then not I end up spending less than I think  when I set a realistic budget for myself.

Tip 2: Shop around, especially when it comes to holiday decor. A lot of stores discount their holiday decorations before the holidays are even close.

  • Example: Today is the 5th of December, over the weekend Micheal’s had a holiday sale and everything was 70% off. I kid you not, I got 5 huge stripes of garland for 25 dollars, 4 boxes lights for 30 and a few other fun bits from Target which I will discuss below in just a moment!

Tip 3: Try to buy things that you can utilize for other seasons, not just the holidays. This is probably my number 1 rule when styling your home for anything. I like to find piece that I can use for more than one month I just can’t justify anything less. Which leads me to my new trick below!


It’s no secret that I love the 3 dollar section at Target. Recently (fall-ish time) I found this adorable little rose gold dipped jars for three dollars. I had been storing pinecones in them. They turned out to be a great center piece for  Autumn and the Thanksgiving season. Now that it’s December and we are in full holiday swing I went back to the three dollar section in search of something festive to keep them going andddddd I found it! Mini battery operated lights for 6 dollars. All you have to do is throw some batteries in and throw them in the jars and you’re good to go!

Cost of this look: 9 dollars each



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