Big Bumpin’ In A Non-Bump Buy!

Big Bumpin’ In A Non-Bump Buy!

Over the weekend we were so excited to watch as two of our dearest friends tied the knot! This was my first chance to dress up the bump and I was racking my brain all week on what I could put together. I didn’t want to buy anything new for a few reasons. I’m only three months along so I can still squeeze myself into some of my dresses. Also I will be big bumpin’ for the entire summer so no need to buy any new dresses just yet! As I started to look through my closet I started to stare in the mirror at my body. “What would best show off the bump?” I mean I could go the Kim K route and sport something stretchy/slinky but I felt like my bump wasn’t round enough yet. Also with such cold weather I felt like the look would get lost. So I decided to put my slinkier items back in my closet till sweet summer!

Now I know I could always go with a bold colored dress and pair it with a wrap. But that was basically my entire wardrobe for my first pregnancy. I started to feel discouraged and ready to give up. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to dress the bump in that in-between stage. So I sat on my bed picked up my phone and starting Facebook stalking. I started to see different headlines on maternity fashion and I regained a little my optimism.  With all the women out there breaking rule in the maternity fashion world I felt like I had to still mix it up! So I got up and went to the back of my closet. You know the place I’m talking about. Where all us mamas store those beautiful dresses. The dresses that since our beautiful babies IMG_8564came into our lives have felt neglected just a little.

I thought, “Why not give one of these a spin?!” So I did. I went for a newer one, one I had just purchased this fall. An emerald-green floral shirtdress from Anthropologie that hit mid length. I was sure that with my bump being so high this wasn’t going to fit. So I took it off the hanger and hoped for the best. To my surprise it fit and perfectly accentuated the baby bump! I went minimal on my jewelry and kept the shorts simple with a sleek black leather heel. I must say I felt amazing, Sam, the bump and I laughed and danced the night away. It was an amazing time with some of our closest friends.  A night this mama desperately needed sometimes it’s hard to always be “Mom” soIMG_9200metimes you just get so stuck in it that it seems to hard to get out. So Im really glad I eventually got myself moving!

After this weekend I really started to remember the importance of getting out for a date night with my love. So from now on we have decided to make it a once a week occurrence. With baby number two on the way it doesn’t hurt to have more alone time.  We have to remember that sooIMG_1011n we will be back to the 2am feeds and a new baby in the bassinet beside our bed so privacy will be gone again.



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