365 New Days, 365 New Chances

365 New Days, 365 New Chances

My motto for 2017 is simple and its in  the title. It’s nothing special, nothing profound, or deep. It’s just real and simple, which is kind of my theme for the new year. Personally and in the workforce, I’m striving for more realness. My generation is known as being overly sensitive but recently I’ve done some thinking about that and I don’t think that is the case. Most of my fellow millennial have a tendency to be too real for most people. We say it like it is and I think that’s what scares the other generations most.  They’ve confused our ability to be blunt with “sensitivity”. The thought of us not being able to back down when we feel passionate about something has turned us into “babies”.  We are so blunt in our expression that it can be a little much for some to handle. I’ve always tried to keep the blog as authentic and real as possible. I know there are several others out there like myself (tons of them in fact) and we all have our own style of blogging. But my goal has always been to keep things raw, real and humorous. Sometimes this gets me “followers” other times is doesn’t work out too well. For a little bit there I was too scared to post certain things and talk about my opinion on hotbed topics but I’m coming into the New Year with a fresh perspective. A fresh start…

Here we are again its resolution time and I heard a few different ones here and there. A lot of  them revolve around “keeping up with the jones” type ideals. Wanting to be skinnier or going on “cooler” vacations and having  more “stuff”. It’s all about being on the go and everyone has an agenda. I know it may sound silly but while I’m sure that’s great for some that’s not what I want for myself or my family. Even before I had children, I just wasn’t into that sort of lifestyle. Instead of constantly looking forward and worrying about what someone else is doing, I feel it is important to be present in the now, in your own life. I want my boys to lead by my example and truly be present, direct and not scared of their own voices.

Now of course that kind of authentic lifestyle can be hard when you’re a blogger (Come on you know you were thinking it too) I already know that and I’ve heard it time and time again that social media is all a façade. But I myself never truly believed it. I just assume others try to be authentic like myself but then again even I have had my moments. Over the past year and a half this new mommy blogger has realized just how fake some blog and Instagram accounts can be. Sharing outfits I might have worn a couple of days ago, sharing pictures of my little ones smiling and loving every minute of Sunday errands when it reality they were just screaming their heads off five-seconds ago. I’ve had my moments just like anyone else.

I get it, I really do. I understand that not every moment is newsworthy and in the realm of blogging some things are better left unposted. I get the thought process, I get why people do what they do. But if you stop and think about it, I’d rather follow a real and relatable person. I don’t care about the photoshopped family photo session you took last week, To be real you probably bribed your children with candy that you swear up and down on your blog they don’t eat. I don’t give a hoot about that outfit you are only wearing for said photo shoot or that living room you posted that might not even be yours.  Telling me you live in New York City when really you live in Hoboken, isn’t going to fly either. Just be yourself. It’s a simple phrase and as of January 1st we all have a chance to start fresh and just be real.

I’d rather know where you’re getting your yoga pants (mine suck) and how you get your messy bun to look the right amount of perfectly messy while still staying up right. How do you get your kids to eat their veggies and when it fails miserable what’s your next plan of attack?! Those are the things I, as a new mom want to know. I have a three-year old so I still consider myself a new mom and I’m learning. But really if your going to fake it please just don’t bother liking my blog in order for me to like yours back. Because really its like a bad relationship  you can’t escape. You think you’ve found someone to relate to, someone who actually gets it and then they post obviously fake posts about perfection and it just ruins to for me.  You aren’t helping out the sisterhood of mothers you talk about you aren’t making anyone feel better.  Your just stroking your own ego.

Don’t get me wrong like I said I’ve done some of the same things but still can’t enough just be enough. And trust me I know not everything is fake and at times we all can capture perfection but every day, seriously do I look stupid?! It’s okay to not be perfectly put together all the time. It’s okay to not always look adorable.  Can’t some of us go through motherhood with ease while others take the bumpy road. I love my motherhood style. It’s messy and disorganized, included days where no make up is worn and there’s lots of coffee.  It’s filled with spelling errors, dirty dishes, laughter, yogurt pops, hopes of healthy eating and a house filled with love. Which leads me to my finally point, a list, in true Meghan fashion.

Meg’s New Years Resolution List

    1. Be Real – This is a motto I always try to live by but it’s always good to get a healthy reminder. I spend a lot of time working on perfecting the blog and getting it to where I want it to be that sometimes I lose track of my goals and true mission for Primrose and Clovers.
    2. Only clean when there isn’t playing to be done – I used to freak out if the place was a mess. I needed it spotless for blog photos etc. Cleaning is all fine and dandy but Gunnar is growing up and he wants to play with us more. As a baby he always liked to play by himself and show us what he was doing. But now he is more into group play. If I don’t spend that time playing with him it might set him up for failure later in life. Sam and I really believe in working with a team so more group play has given up the opportunity to teach him a lot about teamwork.
    3. Stop telling the kids to “hurry up” – I constantly try to rush Gunnie out of the house in the morning. I put so much importance into getting things done on time or being on time. So much so that sometimes I forget to slow down. This is a quality that I truly don’t want him to have so I have to stop myself.
    4. More date nights and more events that we want to do – Like I said I’m always on the go and sometimes our date nights surround the blog. “Oh a cool new restaurant let’s try it so I can post about it!” Thankfully I have an amazing husband who would do anything for me but still I have to take a step back. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean I NEED to try it.
    5. Don’t buy anything full price – I love shopping, I really do but sometime I buy just to buy. So from now on I’m going to practice a lot of patience and self-control. Which means I’m coming for ya T.j. Max and Nordstrom Rack!!!
    6. Save up for something big – Sam and I go on a big trip with family every year but I want to save up for maybe a mini trip for just the two of us!
    7. Make more memories – I planned a lot of our events this past year and it was exhausting. So I’m done with that. This year it’s all about the moments, no planning just seeing where our free days take us.


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