Monthly Beauty Buys

Monthly Beauty Buys

Happy March! Winter in the Philadelphia area hasn’t exactly been the winter that we’re used to, but I can still feel a difference in my skin. Of course my complexion has gone from a golden glow to pale and greenish pasty (I have an olive skin tone) due to the lack of out-door activities, but there’s more to it then that. It feels consistently more parched, my lips are especially taking a hit. Here are some of the steps I follow to ensure that my skin stays glowing and dewy, despite the mini drop in temperature.



I try to exfoliate twice a week with, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub. Yes, it’s listed as a men’s scrub, but no where does it say women CAN’T use it. Exfoliating is the quickest way to sloughs away dead surface skin cells and other impurities of and even if it’s all in my head, I feel like it therapeutic and helps reduce my stress-level. This one also has a nice kick of caffeine in it which really helps jump-start my morning since I’ve nixed coffee out of my life.

Pro Tip: If you already have a scrub you love but are still searching for something to wake you and your skin up in the morning, try a toner. I use Thayers toner, it’s  alcohol-free and  infused with Rose Petal, Witch Hazel, and a touch of Aloe Vera. On days I need a boast and don’t exfoliate I use this. Bonus is it’s less than 12 dollars!!



Next I apply face oil. I usually use an oil mixture of pepper and red clay, like this one, from Etta and Billie.  At first It makes me look like a greasy mess, but give it a couple of minutes and allow your skin to soak up the oil. It’s always the first step in my routine after I’ve exfoliated or washed my face.

Pro tip:  Oils can be tricky, you don’t want to use to much or too little. I like to add three drops into the center of my palm. Then I put both hands together and  move my hands in a circular motion. This works the oil around so you truly know what you’re working with. It also warms the oil before you put it on your face. It may be all psychological but I always feel like if I warm it up first I’m activating all the good stuff.

My daily moisturizer is constantly in rotation. I have a few different products I use, whatever I’m using at the moment I normally make sure it has SPF.  However recently I fell in love with a particular cream  I found while in Vegas. Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream has become a favorite of mine since I purchased it. The only problem is it doesn’t have SPF, but I figure rule are meant to be broken.  So I over looked it, especially due to the fact that it is winter and I’m not outside as much.

Pro tip: Add a small drop of foundation and mix it all up before applying it to my face. I find it goes on smoother and looks a little more natural that way.

For my lips I stick with Smith’s Rosebud Salve, it has a great scent and feels amazing on my lips. As an added bonus its inexpensive ($6) and it’s not just for your lips. This salve can be used on your elbows and feet, even your hands. I love it and swear by this stuff in the winter months!

Pro tip: Already have a lip balm that does just the trick for you, but want something with a tint. Take your favorite lipstick shade and apply it to your top lip. Next take you balm and apply that to your bottom lip. Blot your lips together and you’re good it go!

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