Balancing Act

Recently life has felt like one big balancing act, but in a good way. I am lucky to have a great fiancé who supports me and motivates me to keep pushing myself.  Even with my love by my side sometimes I can still hit a snag. We have all been there before when our brains filled with so many wonderful thoughts and idea  but when we go to carry out the task we fall short of what we intended to do.  When I get into those modes I find it helpful to take one day to do absolutely…positively everything but the laundry list of chores I have waiting for me at home. So this Sunday that is exactly what we did as a family!

Saturday night  was rough I got home with the baby and he was not in the mood to listen to Mommy. So we turned oIMG_3199n Thomas and I made him dinner crossing my fingers for his patients. As I was scrambling to make him dinner I started wondering, “Where had the summer gone?” Were we destined to live out the next couple of years juggling work and home while sacrificing family fun. What was next? Thanksgiving, Christmas…and dare I say it, my fiancé’s favorite Halloween! I finished Gunnar’s meal prep fed him bathed him and put him to bed. As I shut the door to his room I had an epiphany! It was time for a beach day!  So I text Sam, told him my plan and started packing.

The next morning I woke up before everyone else and I laid there contemplating how the day could play out. Should we stay or should we go. Then I started to sing a couple of lyrics of The Clash and got back into the lazy Med mode. I thought of the struggle of juggling our bouncing baby boy and his less than enthusiastic father while I tried to get one in cleaning mode and the other in playing quietly mode. I thought about the mountains of laundry and the dishes I would be scrubbing. Finally I said forget it and got all the bags in the car got my men up and we soon were on our way to the shore!

As I drove I realized something that I must say I’m ashamed to admit. When you are a new parent you here this pharse so many times. Finally I understand it. Children grow up quickly and every moment with them is a precious one. IMG_3215I am so grateful that today happened. Days like that really remind you to appreciate your family. Even having to clean up after them can become more or a joy then a task after having a day like that. So here’s to more days like this Sunday! Those days might be at the shore or camping in the living room. It doesn’t really matter as long as they are with family.


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