Are You Sure You’re Not Having Twins?!

Let me start by answering that statement with a big NO! We are not expecting twins but this has become a common question in the past couple weeks. I’m only 4 ish months along but this belly is growing. This week my baby apps are all alerting me to the fact that Bodhi is the size of a mango but he feels more like a cantaloupe! In my opinion the bigger the bump the better but I’m not going to lie it stings just a little when people say, “Wow, you look like you’re about to POP!” Again nope not that far along, just ya know BIG! Don’t get me wrong I’m not offended by the person saying it but I’m only human.

I found myself constantly critiquing my body and face to see if I was looking well bigger or more plump. I started to wonder was I eating too much. I quickly squashed that thought. After all I’m pregnant and I’m not doing the eating for two method. There was no need to diet because there was no way I was going to deprive my baby of the nutrients we needed. At the same time maybe I IMG_3859didn’t need those girl scout cookies…Maybe. I started to feel silly I mean the comments weren’t meant maliciously they weren’t even on my weight. They were really only remarking on how quickly my bump has grown.

When I told my mom how I was feeling she reminded me of something very important. When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood EVERYONE has their own opinion. So just politely smile and go about your day! My Mama is big on positivity and happiness. Between she and my grandmama I was pretty much destined to be the optimistically positive woman you’ve come to know through this lovely blog.

So with the help of my mama I was finally able to see the light and let it go! No point in dwelling on comments that weren’t meant the way you took them, am I right?! Regardless of if you’re pregnant or just dealing with comments from others about your lifestyle, please do me one thing. IGNORE THEM ALL!! Do what makes you happy and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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