Anchors Aweigh!

Anchors Aweigh!

After months of planning and research, looking at every brand under the sun and trying to bargain hunt my life away. I’ve finally put together a nursery that I’m happy with. I know I’ve discussed Bodhi’s nursery before and of course most of you know the theme was nautical. Of course it still mostly is but I’m swaying in a different direction from my original idea. We went with something a little more world traveler and oh my was my vision starting to add up. Which would be fine if we were still renting…Oh the days of renting, no commitments, no worries, little to no worries about budgeting. Yea I loved it but those days are over and we are officially homeowners now, which means I have to cut ties with my over spending ways and be frugal. So the larger than life idea I had for his room was going be downsized.

Trust me I know the sacrifice is worth it and really Bodhi won’t even care what his room looks like until he’s at least 16 and by then I won’t be the one he asks for advice. All he really wants or needs is his mama and some food, the room is really to make me happy. So I’m good with doing away with the craziness if it means I’ll be saving myself and our budget some stress. Thankfully I’ve learned a thing or two about being savvy with my money. And I owe it all to Home Goods, Thank you Home Goods,you amazing store you. I truly appreciate everything you and your buyers do to make my life easier and my home looking fab.

For someone who goes everywhere and anywhere to find that perfect look for myself or even my home, Home Goods is a match made in heaven. The buyers they hire do the searching for me. Not only are they working with designers and big manufactures but they also shop local stores. Yes, you heard me right, they go to the same cute high-end boutiques and shops you and I go in to get ideas only they go in looking to make a deal and they always leave with the goods. Literally I plan on making this my dream job someday. I figure after retirement when Sam and I get truly sick of spending all that time together I will make this my old lady side gig. But for now I’ll just reap the benefits of all their fun/hard work.

So I switched our theme up and choose a scientific old world traveler feel for Bodhi’s room. No cute little smiling whales spouting out water in this house. I went for a darker color scheme instead and left the baby blues for another time. I don’t know if it’s just what I was feeling or if his little personality is shining through but something tells me this little one is going to be way more serious than his older sibling. Definitely more like Daddy less like Mommy. Which is why I went with a more adult vibe, and thankfully Home Goods was getting the vibe I was putting out and at an amazing discount.

I was actually really lucky. Of course Home Good has great deals on everything but when it comes to fashion and home decor, right now we are in the middle of the end. The end of one season and the beginning of another. So all the nautical and ocean theme goods I was looking for not only would be discounted even more than before but they would also be things that NO ONE really wanted right now. Yay for me! I’m not even going to lie I didn’t even think of this until my sister-in-law and I got there. I’m also not going to lie that I most definitely did a happy bump dance when I realized it! So off we went hunting for those good deals and steals, the results are below.

How to Leave “Home Goods Happy” (As they say) 

  • Never go in without a plan/scheme/theme. Pick one, maybe a color palette or your chosen style or theme. Maybe you just need a new lamp or ottoman for your living room. Try to go in with a plan it can get crazy in there and you don’t want get overwhelmed. If you are trying to stick with in a certain budget definitely don’t go in without a plan or you’ll end up “needing” everything and spending way more than you had wanted.
  • Don’t bring your children and make sure you have plenty of time to hunt. This isn’t like shopping for clothing or groceries you can’t just run in and run out. Home decor is way different from shopping for anything else.  Unless you are an extreme pro or boring you have to take time and looking at each piece individually. If you rush you could end up making poor choices. You’ll come home with the most random stuff that you may have thought went great at the time but once you put it in your space you realize you were wrong.
  • ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS grab a cart. Trust me you’ll thank me later. No matter how great your plan may be sometimes you find something that gives you second thoughts on your originally plan. Don’t freak out just put it in the cart and shop around with it. If you find other items that go with that item of theme verse the original theme then maybe switch it up. But it is a lot easier to switch it up when you have all the items in front of you so get that cart ladies.
  • Don’t forget the possibilities are endless. Remember you can DIY anything. If you find a frame or decorative piece you love but maybe not in the shade you were hoping for don’t fret. Spray paint or paint can fix anything. We found the perfect canvas picture of world but the colors were very dark. Thankfully my sister-in-law is an artist and offered to touch it up for us. We went to A.C.Moore and grabbed all three colors we were looking for, for 3 dollars TOTAL! Now it is the perfect shade and really ties Bodhi’s room together.

Other Helpful Tips: I like to take photos of the room or space I’m redoing so I can get a better idea of what my limits are. 







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