Almost TWO!!

Almost TWO!!

This weekend we decided to celebrate Gunnar’s Second birthday. We will be away on our annual family vacation with my family so we wanted to celebrate with our nearest and dearest that can’t be there the day of! So we decided to make the weekend one of celebration. Starting with Saturday, we decided to have an adult Halloween party. I took this as opportunity to test out a few delicious treats I was planning n making for the baby beans party the very next day. I figured if I tested them out the night before it would all still be fresh in my mind, which with a bouncing baby boy is a good thing. I would know what I was doing while still running around after the little dude.

I had several recipes that I knew like the back on my hand and would be delish! But this was a Halloween theme so I wanted something with that extra touch of Halloween spirit! I decided to go with mummies dogs! No only was it fun for Gunnar and his little friends but I could use veggie dog12204337_853354391438709_568463111_os for myself and still join in on the fun! It was also a very simple recipe that really just required some time when it came to draping the crescent rolls on the dogs.

The ingredients were so simple it was the perfect children’s birthday snack. Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. G12209303_853038328136982_621784216_orab your hot dogs or veggie dogs and slice at the bottom of each dog, this will make the look of legs. Next go up near the top of the “dog” and make arms but cutting a slice on both sides of the “dog” it should look like the makings of a triangle or ARMS! Grab some Pillsbury crescent rolls and start cutting them up into little stripes. Wrap as many stripes as you want around your dog and place in oven safe greased container. Once all your dogs are wrapped put them in the oven for 30 minutes. Leave your oven on for this next recipe!

Next Delicious sweet treat was the brownies! Thank the lord for buzzfeed normally I am all about healthy living but I refuse to be the type of person who invites others to my home and then forces them to only eat things I would make for myself. This one was another easy go to, while no it isn’t healthy sometimes you need to feed your soul and sometimes the soul wants chocolate. Grab a small package of premade Toll House cookie dough, a bag of Oreos, brownie mix and an oven safe container. I used a smaller glass container, there’12204285_853233384784143_316291159_os a lot of everything in these guys so you really don’t need to go big on this one. First butter the cothere’sntainer then layer in your cookie dough. With your fingers start pushing it around in the glassware so that it covers the bottom of your pan. Next take out your Oreos and lay them in rows. Set the glassware aside and start making your brownie mix. Once everythings mixed together pour it over the cookie doIMG_8951ugh and Oreo mixture and stick in your still heated
oven for 35-45 minutes.




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