All The Holiday Wrappings

All The Holiday Wrappings

Let’s talk about wrapping paper. I mean if you think about it, wrapping paper is a product that is manufactured solely to be thrown away. But if that doesn’t stop you from buying it lets talk about how expensive it is. A box of tags (12ct) is 5 dollars, a variety pack of wrapping paper costs around 10 dollars. And we do this every single year now I’ve wrapped gifts and bought paper for 10 years now. That’s a cool 150 dollars I could be saving for my next trip. So I’m officially done with you wrapping paper, our relationship is over.

Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be wrapping the boys gifts this year, but I will be smarter about what I buy to wrap them. Listen I totally understand everyone wants that picture prefect photo of all the presents under the tree. I would like that too. But I’m certain that can be achieves without adding waste. So if you’re like me and looking for a way to make less waste without being a total Scrooge, I might have the answer for you.

Fabric, yes you read that right I said fabric. Now hear me out. Instead of spending close to 30 dollars on wrapping paper and supplies this year and every year to come, go invest that 30 dollars into 4 yards of fabric and ribbon. Below you’ll find a list of supplies you’ll need and where to look. Check it out and get in the holiday spirit without creating waste!

Fabric or Parcel Paper: Be sure to pick a color scheme that you LOVE. After all, the point of this is to be able to reuse it next year, and for years to come so find something you know you’ll be happy with long-term. Parcel Paper is sturdy so if you’re unsure about using fabric/burlap go this route and reuse the paper for arts and crafts with your little ones!

Twine or Ribbon: I went with twine instead of ribbon because I like a more rustic look under our christmas tree. But you can pick anything make sure to read reviews. Thankfully, I’m not the first person to have this idea so the reviews helped me when I was looking into my options!

The Finishing Touches: I love to find a good leaf or two and use them as name tags. For this I’ll use a paint marker easily found at any craft store! As the boys get older it can be fun to take them on walks through nature and see what we find.  Sometimes if we go on a walk through town we end up at my store. Behind the store is a beautiful big holly bush so we will take a few pieces of that to decorate our packages with. Once we are done with the festivities, those pieces either go back outside where they came from or I dry them and save them for next year.

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