A Year Of Growth

I know it’s only February but it feels like we’ve been running at full speed since day one of 2017. Thankfully Jupiter is heading into retrograde which means this Taurus mama is looking forward to that much-needed down time that comes with it. 2016 was the year of events, from getting married to moving into our first home and let’s not forget welcoming a new babe into our home. So to say it has been exciting is an understatement. All of this has led me to notice something, Growth doesn’t just occur when things aren’t going as planned. Even the good can change you, make you stronger.  Growth is key if we want to evolve and recently I’ve been striving for more. It’s something I’ve learned to welcome.

Originally this blog started out as a space for me to share and show all I love in this world. From fun accessories to a successfully baked pie I love letting you, my readers in on all that I’ve experience. But recently I’ve felt something is amiss. Over time I’ve gone from one direction to another and I must admit I’m loving it. With new direction comes a new identity and I’ve felt like I need a switch up. I’ve always loved the blog’s name. Primrose & Clovers was something sweet and pretty that I loved mainly because it sounded nice. But it didn’t quiet fit with me, the name was lacking personal meaning for me. So I’m changing the blog name to something more meaningful for me!

I’ve been in fashion for 10 years come this May and it’s time I celebrate that. I’ve grown so much over the past 10 years. I’ve gone from a single gal living in the city to a working mama of two living in the suburbs. Happiness is my religion and fashion my first love. When I started the blog I wanted to use this as a place to escape work and fashion. I realize now I was running away from who I am. I love style, the shoes, the fabrics, even the way they are sewn together to make your favorite go-to coat. Everything about it brings me happiness so why hide from such a love?! Now don’t fret, all my weekly humorous posts, recipes, etc. will still stay the same. I’m not changing anything but the name. The only different from this blog now is that, well, finally the shoe fits. The name of my blog and my mission will reflect one another and I’m so happy about it!

So I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I share my tips on leading a happy, sometimes organized, most of the time healthy, and always humorous life with my two little boys by my side as a happily in style mama.

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