A Happy Home is A Google Home

A Happy Home is A Google Home

I remember when we were preparing for Gunnar’s birth. I was so scared and excited, I was nervous but ready. I had all these questions going through my head, “How much does a newborn eat?” or “How do I swaddle my baby?” “What the heck is swaddling all about anyway?!” We read and forgot almost everything those baby books had in them. The first few days seemed like a blur. The day we left the hospital I thought to myself, “I cannot believe they’re letting me leave with this baby.”, “Aren’t they supposed to prep us or ask us questions?” No test, not even a concerned look, nothing.  Just a congrats and a list of numbers to call if we had any questions, a list that of course I lost within two minutes of receiving. When we got home things were of course hectic, but although those first days were filled with little sleep, they were also filled with heart warming memories.

But something else was there to guide me, Google. We googled everything for those first few years and even now. As most new parents of my generation know, the term “I’ll Google it!” is a familiar one. We’ve all been there, it’s 3am the doctor’s office isn’t opened and your question isn’t important enough to be considered a medical emergency. It’s also still too early to bug your parents who are most likely asleep. You’re too delirious and the baby is scream in your arms so you can’t exactly flip through that baby book or type it in on your keyboard. So what are you to do?

As we prepared for Bodhi those same questions were still stirring around in my head. But recently I upped my game and have gotten a little extra help. Google Home, a voice-activated speaker ready to help thanks to Google Assistant. When you buy Google Home you don’t just get

– What comes with your package –

  1. Home – A voice-activated speaker by Google.
  2. A how-to manual for setting up your Google Home.
  3. Instructions on how Google Home will help new parents including key questions you can ask your Google Home that are geared towards your little one. Literally  the instruction book is the cutest, it mimics a children’s hardback book but or the electronic copy please click the link for the full experience! ( g.co/Home/Experiences )

Even if you’ve spent months preparing for parenthood, there will be plenty of times when you need help ASAP. And you don’t have five minutes to spend typing “How do you warm up a baby’s bottle?” into your phone with one hand. Thankfully, Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant, can answer the most common baby care questions, keeping your hands free so you can hold your little one anddd mix the bottle with one hand. Even more exciting, if you are available there is a Parenting Masterclass being held by Fatherly at approximately 3pm est. I’ve supplied the link here —> (Fatherly – Parenting Masterclass)

Personally I love our Google Home. I wish we had this when we first had Gunnar and Bodhi. Thankfully we still have loadss of questions concerning our little boys so it will not go to waste!

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