A Bit Of Cozy I Can Take Everywhere

A Bit Of Cozy I Can Take Everywhere

It’s early Friday morning and I’m sipping on some delicious lavender kombucha, indulging in a bit of honey drizzled toast just taking in all the calm surrounding my house. The boys are occupying each other for one of the first times ever and it is an amazing feeling. You know those mornings where everything feels right, well this is one of those morning for us. All is well with the world, and everything just feels complete. I’ll admit this is usually one of those days where I find every excuse in the book to not leave the house. Alas that won’t be happening on this lovely Friday, we have groceries to get and the farmers market is calling my name.

The only negative about a day like today is how hard it will be to leave that cozy feeling at home. We’ve all been there, you are in your coziest look, slippers and all. Then you realize it’s time to the day to start but theirs one or two problems that occur. Either you’re wearing something you would never be caught dead wearing in public or it’s not weather appropriate. With athleisure becoming so popular, I’ve only been left with the latter issue to worry about. So what’s a mama to do when her house slippers just won’t cut it? Well, thanks to Mahabis (mahabis.comI actually don’t have to worry about that either. They are an ah-mazingly lightweight slippers I can slip on in the morning while I get ready for the day. From prepping school lunches to cleaning up around the house I can walk around with ease. Knowing I’m not making too much noise while my babies sleep. With little ones who happen to be light sleepers this is a major plus!

Even better as soon as I have things in order I can leave the house with a quick add on. All I have to do is quickly slip on the light rubber soles, snap them in and BAM! I’m ready to head off to school drop off without feeling like I look a mess. Their sleek design keeps me feeling stylish no matter what I’m wearing or where I’m going. Whether it’s a lunch date with the ladies or a quick trip to the farmers market for all of those every day essentials. After wearing them for almost a full month, I’ve becoming attached to my Mahabis in the best way possible. So I think it’s safe to say the hubs and our boys will be getting a pair of their own for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re like me and want to take a little touch cozy with you every where you go here’s something special just for you! Use my code: MEGHANCKATZ10 when you check out and receive 10% off your purchase. Be sure to check out my Insta-stories (@meghanckatz) all weekend, because I plan on wearing these babies everywhere and anywhere I go.



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