This has been by far my hardest list to create, hence why it’s over week late. The homebody gift guide, personally I am one of these people. So narrowing down a list provided to be a little difficult but I’ve cut it down to the perfect list of essentials.  Sometimes buying for people like us is difficult. You really don’t know what the have and don’t have unless you’re rifling though there belonging. Which is something most of us don’t do when we go over someones home. But like I said I’ve got some experience in this category so I’m here to help! I’ve narrowed it down and picked those that we all generally want but don’t feel like spending our money on. You know those items we all have them on our lists. No matter how inexpensive they might be you just can’t justify the purchase. These are usually the best gifts and the ones I always try to give others.

So if you are like me or know something who just loves relaxing fire side, feet up with some beautiful candles burning this is the list for you!

  1. Diptyque Advent Candler – $390
  2. Namaste in Bed Sweatshirt – $58
  3. Marble Throw Blanket – $49 ( on sale!!!)
  4. Mahabis Luxe Bundle – $186 ( these are amazing and I want a pair s0o badly they are slippers that have a more stylish sole that is removable so say you have to run out really quick BAM! you put your soles on and go!)
  5. Home Sweet Home Doormat – $24 (on sale for 17.99)
  6. Graze Snack Box – $12 (monthly)
  7. Cookie Advent Cookbook – $17
  8. DB’s Batter Up frozen cookie dough – $25


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